$8 in advance/$10 at the door

9pm showtime


presented by Manitoba Music + The Current



The Current has teamed up with Manitoba Music from Winnipeg, Canada for another local music exchange. With two Minnesota artists and two from Manitoba on the bill, the Manitoba X Minnesota Music Exchange deepens the musical connection between the the two scenes. After the Minneapolis show at Icehouse, the bands play shows in Fargo and Winnipeg. 





Bruise Violet:



Bruise Violet is a young grunge punk band, made up of the members Emily, Bella, and Danielle. Deriving their sound from the roots of the Riot Grrrl movement, the girls are loud and angry, while wearing dresses and looking as feminine as possible on stage. They add their own twist with three part harmonies on top of the loud riffs playing. It's like Broadway meets Bikini Kill.





Fathom Lane:



Over the span of two critically acclaimed full length albums (2013's 'Fathom Lane' and 2012's 'Down By Half') Fathom Lane has been getting international attention for their wonderfully indefinable sound. Michael Ferrier's songs are at once accessible and memorable, but are also sneaky with their quietly innovative touches. Ferrier cites classic touchstones such as The Velvet Underground, Tom Petty, Gram Parson's "Cosmic American Music", and the Laurel Canyon songwriters, but even with these influences Fathom Lane manages a contemporary sound. The blend of Ferrier's steady and simple tenor with fellow singer Ashleigh Still's more mellifluous soul is a main feature of the rich sound Fathom Lane brews; the band invite their listeners in and then delight them with audio surprises.

"With two gorgeous albums in two years, Fathom Lane have quickly emerged as one of the brightest new artists in the Twin Cities...Finding some kind of unlikely common ground between alt-country and floaty prog rock, the band achieves a timeless quality, as on single "Sugardown"" or their breathtaking (and prescient) cover of Lou Reed's "Perfect Day," released just weeks before his death." Jim McGuinn, 89.3 The Current

"Fathom Lane's self-titled second record is a tremendous step forward. Their first, 'Down By Half', was a quite remarkable damn thing, a record of elegiac beauty that sounded like a cross between the Cowboy Junkies and, you know, someone less boring than the Cowboy Junkies, a Johnny Cash or someone with a touch of murder in his soul. This one, though, is 3/4 to Jimmy Webb-land — full of complex melodies, jazzy harmonies (courtesy the phenomenal Ashleigh Still) wrapped around a country heart and unexpected arrangement touches that jump out of nowhere. It's another example of how quiet works marvelously — an album full of magnificent songs and gorgeous, hushed, echoey arrangements." - Jon Hunt l'etoile Magazine






(Manitoba Music Export)


3PEAT's Steve, E.GG, and Dill The Giant form a triangle offence of rap styles and influences. With Steve’s background as a DJ, E.GG’s roots in breakdancing scene, and Dill The Giant’s work with the Prestigious Deviants, the Winnipeg trio naturally came together at hip hop events and became fast friends. With a strong sense of East Coast legends like Pete Rock and Nas mixed with a bounce and energy reminiscent of Southern hip hop, the groupbegan with the random recording of a song that blossomed into enough music to perform a  live set. The group attracted an organic following after opening for rap acts like Blackalicious  and T.I, sharing the bill with hardcore bands, and collaborating with the live instrumentation  of jazz band Super Duty Tough Work. Without demand for their music mounting, 3PEAT rented a studio space, bought the necessary equipment with the money saved from gigs and self- recorded, and produced its debut EP, 3PEAT. The project debuted to a sold-out crowd at Winnipeg music hotspot The Good Will Social Club and helped 3PEAT earn a Western Canadian Music Award nod for Best Hip Hop Artist in 2017.






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Holed up in the pop culture hinterland of Winnipeg, VIKINGS has been crafting big melodies and headlining festivals without leaving the walls of their prairie ice palace. It's a sound you'd expect in London, Los Angeles, or Atlanta; but Winnipeg? Maybe it’s true, and there's something in that frozen water that's growing big sounds in a quiet little city. Focusing on those big sounds and the spaces in between, VIKINGS' music is equal parts dance-worthy and expansive synth trip; featuring the earworm vocals of Josh Youngson – long ago punk-singer now falsetto-wielding crowd-mover. Flanked by two brothers, Dave and James McNabb – each manning a bastion of synths – and with Luke Janzen on drums – adding the foundation – VIKINGS step out of the box and onto the dance floor. Animal Kingdom EP,
VIKINGS’ follow-up debut full length, was released by Head In The Sand (Apparat Organ Quartet, Les Jupes, Rococode) on March 10, 2017. Lead single “Burning Man”, and a bunch more you haven’t heard yet, are being mixed by Billy Bush (Tegan & Sara, Snow Patrol, Garbage).