$7 at the door

9:30pm doors/10pm showtime






Thomas Abban:

An artist-in-residence in existence.





Lucid VanGuard:

Directed by the songwriting of Karl Remus, Lucid VanGuard navigates an atmospheric realm of sonic cinemas, weaving cryptic lyrical tapestries through a balancing act of calm balladry and symphonic pandemonium. 

Lucid VanGuard is a part of the Minneapolis based record label/music collective, Kremblems. Band personnel includes: Karl Remus (Guitar, Lead Vocal), Warren Thomas Fenzi (Drums, Background Vocal), Bailey Cogan (Keys, Background Vocal), Christian Wheeler (Bass), Daniel “Chavo” Chavez (Trumpet).

Watch for their new project “pseudo spirits” arriving in autumn 2017!





Joe Kopel:

After failing to become a college baseball player, Joe Kopel began playing his songs in bars for free beer and a place to gather his friends. With two records from his previous band, Whitetail, under his belt, he is set to release a more direct solo effort of simple songs and topical lyrics that has been described as “John Prine meets Nirvana in a capitalist purgatory.” He lives and keeps a day job in Minneapolis.