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Elliott Graber & The Family Vines:

The Family Vines is a group of siblings who reflect the journey of a young man traveling far from home to pursue his dream, falling in love, finding himself, and returning to his roots. Visions of beauty and truth permeate throughout the music, tapping into the corners of every lovers brain. Graber brings these things to life with his gift for vibrant storytelling and sweet melody.





Pleasure Horse:


Pleasure Horse is an American quasi-country band formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2012. The group began as a home recording project and quickly coalesced into a group of players with diverse musical backgrounds. The band is currently composed of Tim Evenson, Ben Mahowald, Celese Heule, Jared Isabella and Darin Dahlmeier. They have released one album and two EPs. The group's sound has been described as "beer-soaked heartbreak and twang" and incorporates elements of everything that you’ve ever loved about country music.





The Hottman Sisters:

A little over a year and a half ago, Omaha natives Heather and Jessica Hottman made the decision to dive into music, in a way they never had before. The result is the three-piece indie rock/pop band named The Hottman Sisters, which is centered around their sister harmonies. 

Music has always been integral to the sisters in varying ways. Heather and Jessica grew up listening to ‘90’s pop music and boy bands, but also spent time with four part harmonies alongside their mother and sister. They led worship music in church on Sundays, were involved in many musicals during their childhood, and spent countless hours jamming and writing music in the basement of their house. All of these components helped to develop their stage presence and musical skills. However, Heather and Jessica feel that singing is an innate part of who they are, a language they have always been familiar with.

The sisters had a band in college, which sparked their interest in making a career of music. After they both graduated from college, Heather and Jessica knew they were ready to start developing a new, sister-oriented, musical project. Jessica had spent many hours in college writing music and dreaming up the vision behind The Hottman Sisters. Heather even lived in Nashville for a year, getting a feel for the vibrant music scene, but moved back to Omaha to invest in music with her sister.

“We both knew we wanted to pursue music in some way. It has always been a part of our lives and who we are and the way people perceive us.” ~Jessica Hottman

The Hottman Sisters have spent many hours performing locally at a variety of venues, anything from coffee shops to large festivals. Their sound developed greatly in the process. Jessica added a Fender electric, cranking out full-throttled hooks and Heather integrated a Novation synth, to give their sound a searing and wavy landscape. All of this compliments the duo’s powerful harmonies. The Hottman Sisters are backed by the jazz stylings of Omaha native drummer, Ed Getzlaff. Ed adds a spunky and rhythmic backbone to the sisters’ earthy, pop songs. What remains at the centerpiece is their vocals, which blend together effortlessly and almost supernaturally.

The Hottman Sisters released their first recording titled This Two, on July 8, 2016. The eight song EP summarizes their journey of coming into the Omaha music scene and solidifying their sound. The songs focus heavily on their emotions during this journey and the love they have for their home. The Hottman Sisters were nominated as "Best Indie/Alternative Band“ for the 2016 year by The Omaha Entertainment Arts and Awards. Since the release of their EP, they have been touring extensively all across the nation and are beginning to work on a full length album.

“I love The Hottman Sisters. They are unapologetic badasses and the sooner everyone knows that, the better. Their songwriting is clean and well-crafted and their performances are magnetic.” ~Kait of Kait Berreckman Band