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"Sola is an eclectic mix of Electro/Drum and Bass/Glitch Hop and Jazz."

Sola was formed by pianist and keyboardist Michael Cain in 2014. Michael began a performing career working between Las Vegas and Los Angeles in the mid 1980’s, working with flutist and composer James Newton, Las Vegas based jazz vocalist Marlena Shaw, The Gerald Wilson Orchestra, and drummer Billy Higgins among others. After moving to New York in 1990, Cain became one of the first call pianists working with Jack DeJohnette for nine years, along with Dave Holland, Steps Ahead, Ravi Coltrane, Bobby McFerrin, Stanley Turrentine, Lauren Hill, Pat Metheny, Charles Neville, Christian McBride, Vernon Reid, Kevin Eubanks, and Meshell N'degeocello for many years. He has received numerous awards, including a 2006 Grammy nomination for Dance of the Infidel, Meshell N'degeocello's release on which Michael is pianist and co-arranger. He has recorded several records as a leader including Circa, a 1996 ECM release, and served as producer for several recordings including Ron Blake’s Shariya, and Brian Landrus’ Traverse and Capsule.





Ameet Kamath:

Ameet Kamath left India, heading first to New York City, then to San Francisco where his first album, Greasy Rails (2010), was produced. Soundbox, India’s premier music industry publication, hailed Kamath’s breakthrough album as “jubilantly bridging new ground in the popular divide of the music of the East and the West.” Kamath has finally arrived at the epicenter of his adopted country. “Minneapolis is the grass-roots of American culture and its rich musical history, including Prince, Husker Dü to Lipps Inc. all have deeply inspired me, plus I get to sing as a tenor at the Mount Olivet Church, I mean Amen!” Into The Night articulates Kamath’s musical migratory experience without convention or stereotype. “In my music, I’m telling stories so that the listeners can understand life as I do – constantly negotiating spaces, first as an immigrant in the 21st century and now as an artist,” said Ameet.  “I am not a starving artist, but I am starving to express myself,” he added, laughing. Ameet Kamath has come home.






"Kashimana’s rich soulful voice is like the mellow voice of Sade mixed with the raw attitude of Tina Turner and her songs show you where her heart beats."

Kashimana is a singer-songwriter with a rich soulful blues voice that soars through her original pop acoustic compositions. Along with her distinctive voice, Kashimana’s stage presence pulls you in and leaves you in a warm and fuzzy thrall that’s hard to shake. Her songs are simple, catchy, and paint compelling stories of her experiences in Africa, Europe and America. Love from the Sun is Kashimana's first solo album, a culmination of many years of writing and discovery. He first single captures what it feels like when you have pep in your step, sunshine in your pocket and gravity barely keeping you connected to the earth.