$6 in advance/$8 at the door

9pm doors/9:30pm showtime






Lena Elizabeth:

Lena Elizabeth is a singer/songwriter and Minneapolis native writing songs influenced by folk music with a voice rooted in the blues. The youngest in a household of musicians, she blends old and new to create a pop sound that is approachable across generations.

Lena Elizabeth's debut EP 'The Line' marries simplicity of tone with the stories of her reality. Leading with subdued yet tactile vocal lines, her words take a path between playful and bluesy tones. Written and composed with the baritone ukulele, she offers a strong soulful voice with elements of folk storytelling. Her three-man band creates the foundation for her stories. Jeff Krause, on Electric Guitar, leads with that subtly driven clean tone; crafting lines that converse with the lyrics and laying understated rhythmic textures. Taylor Donskey provides the low end with the emblematic tone of the Upright Bass. On Drums and Percussion, Daniel Staddon brings it all together.  Solid tones and sly lyric moments fill out each tune, providing the groove so that you might rest in it. You may find you even nod your head. This outfit, championed by the heart that is the music of Lena Elizabeth is a hidden gem.





Victor's Door:


Victor's Door is a Female led Indie Rock band from Minneapolis. Their songs range from a softer piano lead, to a more gritty electric guitar and synth driven sound. They have fun using complex rhythms and time signature changes that are well held together by melodic guitar and bass lines.





Hannah von der Hoff:

Bonnie Raitt meets Alabama Shakes. Visceral roots rock.

Minneapolis native Hannah von der Hoff commands a stage where soul blues roots rock and jazz influences converge in a way that provoke your gut and excite your senses. 

Once a lead in the sweaty party band Sexcat, and a backup singer who toured with Caroline Smith, Hannah is now fully pursuing her original songs that have been incubating for years. She is in pre-production stages of her debut. Follow her online for ways to be involved in pre-purchasing a record!