Daddy is the premiere twin cities variety show and dance night!

Queer, subversive, weird and full of love, any one can be a daddy. 

Daddy is for freaks of any gender, soft or hard, hairy or smooth, for the tops, the bottoms and the switches. Daddy brings together the queer community for a mix of performances, dances, live music, and amazing DJs. We wanna get sweaty and messy with you. 

Daddy T-shirts will be for sale at the event. $20 each and all profits go to our friends at Cafe SouthSide! ♥




Marcel Michelle Mobama:

Marcel Michelle Obama is a GNC/Queer/Trans Artist of Color with a multidisciplinary background interested in subverting conventional notions of eroticism. She is a founding member of Carnivale Revolver, St. Cloud's premier vaudeville revue. She is also a cast member of Dykes do Drag, Hot Dish Cabaret, and Visions of Sugarplums - The Burlesque Nutcracker. Her work has been featured in Queertopia, Patrick's Cabaret, and the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival. 





Magic Dyke: 

If it is a Thursday at 10PM you will almost certainly find Magic Dyke at Lush for #DragEvolution. Whether competing in the show or cheering on his friends, Magic has found Lush to be a home away from home where family comes together to support and celebrate each other’s individuality. A drag baby born January 5th 2017 Magic Dyke is a Twin Cities drag king that is sure to confuse you sexually. Striptease, pole, drag, and performance art come together to make this gender non-binary stud a unique flavor that you won’t want to miss!






LIV HNILICKA is a Midwestern Queer and Trans artist, writer, performer, advocate, and MC of the Daddy.






ROYAL BRAT formed in Minneapolis in 2015 after Alex declared his desire to channel his gay rage while rolling around on a floor in a pretty dress. Clara had already gained notoriety as a key player in the DIY scene and kindly indulged him with the riffs to bark over. shortly thereafter, bass babe Shannon moved to town and into psychic school, uptown’s last feminist punk holdout. after several drummer changeovers, we found a precious angel named Conor, also fresh to town from Missouri. we have been living our truth and inviting others to do the same. we write snotty pop songs about daddies, ex-boyfriends, control, autonomy, the value of our bodies (and yours too).






CHRIS STEDMAN is an author and activist who used to work at Harvard and Yale but moved back to Minnesota to write a book about messiness and work as a community organizer. After he appeared on Fox News's now-cancelled The O'Reilly Factor the Internet gave him the nickname "Atheist Daddy," which might be the only good thing to have ever come out of that show. According to Wikipedia he is "a devout twitter user, fan of Britney Spears and Ciara, and maintains an active gay twitter following."






MAITREYI RAY is a writer in Minneapolis. Her work considers death, intimacy, and vulnerability through her experiences as a queer immigrant and woman of color. Maitreyi laughs as much as she can, and wants to know what you are wondering about. Please talk to her. 






DJ BABYWRIST is actually just Archie and their kickass Spotify playlist. Archie is one of the collaborators behind Daddy, a professional non-nerdy cartoonist, half of The Fist You Podcast, zine-maker, sexual health educator, and overall an overcommitted busy person. 






DJ YONI is the self-titled project of Nepalese American multimedia artist Yoni Tamang. She is a concept. She is a singularity. No pretense. #NoFilter. 100% Pure YONI.