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9:30pm doors/10pm showtime







Seth Sher
Heather Gabel

"HIDE materialized fully realized, their first shows shocking as your friend giving birth to a teenager. The music, the visual identity, and the immersive live experience were all in place from day one, each an essential component of a singular vision. Though thick with a heavy and austere aesthetic, the political messages were as unmistakeable as they were irreducible.

It’s pitch black except for shocking strobes, and these flashes reveal only flesh in motion. The duo hides in the dark, in smoke, their faces masked or hooded. And this skin, glimpsed and faceless, become like an animal hide.  

It’s such a perfect single syllable—hide: starting off soft as unobstructed breath, gliding into a casual greeting—hi—and landing with a hard click of the tongue at the back of the teeth. But HIDE umbrellas such multiplicities, and collapses so many apparent paradoxes with that simple syllable. The beats are machine sounds, stripped of all ornamentation, triggering an instinctual response. And coupled with the hypnotic image of the pulsating flesh, the audience is reduced to their animal selves, anonymous and free. 

It’s Body Music, not escapism, but basking in confrontation. The aesthetic is the political." -Tim Kinsella of Joan of Arc






Industrial. Minneapolis. Seth Ryan/Mike Filkins/Brandon Keegan/Tanner Anderson.





Collin Gorman Weiland:

Collin Gorman Weiland plunges us into the solitary confinement of 'Curse', a severely beaten Industrial throb-off lashed down with Pete Swanson-style distortion.





Samantha Glass:

Refracting post-punk sensibilities through an abstract lens, Madison, Wisconsin’s Samantha Glass makes a haunting and immersive Holodeck debut with Preparation for a Spot in the World. Glass, AKA Beau Devereaux, wistfully mediates his own inner strife and anxiety through a host of vintage electronics, field recordings and deep, expressive vocals. Carefully sequenced tracks build on each other and make each diverse song thematically cohesive within the album. Using a dense variety of sound sources processed through echo-driven effects, Devereaux submerges the listener into ominous vignettes that one can only assume to be windows into Glass’ own beautifully bleak mind. 

Devereaux’s teenage roots involved a series of punk and metal bands that eventually evolved into solo experiments with noise and drone. Arriving to Madison’s DIY community in 2010, Beau began to shape the local scene through his prolific work with the Samantha Glass project. Beau has since performed extensively throughout the Midwest, building up his reputable and polished live set while releasing an array of highly praised and rare mixtapes. Samantha Glass is itself an expression of Devereaux’s own complicated journey through self-identification, often dissonant, androgynous and exploratory.