$6 at the door

6:30pm doors/7pm showtime




The Lacewings:

The Lacewings draw from deep roots of women’s folk music from Europe and North America. Katherine speaks Norwegian and Sarah speaks Serbo-Croatian, but neither are from those countries. Instead, the pair imagines themselves in old shoes: folk music interwoven with stories of women working, learning together, and making a life through art.





Mama Caught Fire:

All-female trio whose music explores intricate harmony, emotional storytelling, and the power of the voice.. Members: Abigail Tuominen, Molly Sowash, and Julia Hobart.






In 1997 I began recording in a make shift studio; an old computer equipped with the first version Sonic Foundry Acid, a war hardened sixteen track mixer, various live percussion instruments, an inherited thrift store turntable, a handful of old records and a Roland 202 Dr Groove Drum Machine. With this assembly of tools in my laboratory of sound, I solidified my research
of the sonic palate, and of my place in Hip Hop’s cultural landscape. Right off the bat, it was important to me to create a sound that had a place in my Chicano narrative while creating something brand new at the same time. I looked to my Heritage in Mexico (both modern and ancient) and meditated on my father’s journey from Guanajuato to Minnesota. I struggled to understand my place in a lineage of royalty and immigrants and
my role in it’s future. This is the music of my journey...along with a little shit talk to keep suckers in their place for good measure.