$5 at the door

9:30pm doors/10pm showtime








Michael Voller - Vocals and Guitar
Anthony Casey - Guitar
Jake Schemm - Bass
Forrest Fritz-Storhaug - Drums






Willem Vander Ark, Stephanie Jo Murck, Alex McCormick, and Joey Hayes





26 Bats!:

26 BATS! is composed of the members of music collective, Kriyative Emblems of a Blue Soul Renaissance. With their multi-genre influences including hip hop, jazz, soul, and alternative rock, 26 BATS! creates music with no intention of boundaries of a genre. These jazz and blues trained musicians challenge their sound with their desire for sonic exploration. By sneaking mantras in their lyrics and using themes of overcoming hate, this twin cities based band has full intentions of empowering and healing through the embodiment of music.