We never celebrate milestones; however, 5 years has a nice ring to it and it is time to celebrate with past and present employees along with all of the artists, partners and friends who have helped make this place happen! Join us June 2-8 for a week long celebration featuring performances by a few familiar bands. Cover will be $5 per show. The kitchen will be creating a "best of" food menu and the bar will be slinging drink specials featuring Jim Beam products. We can't thank everyone enough for their support these first 5 years!  


Marijuana Deathsquads:

Marijuana Deathsquads is a Minneapolis-based noise band with an electronic, improvised, experimental sound. Formed in 2009, the band consists of Ryan Olson of Gayngs, Isaac Gale, Stef Alexander, Ben Ivascu of Poliça, Mark McGee of To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie, and Jeremy Nutzman (a.k.a. Spyder Baybie Raw Dawg).[3] Frequent collaborators include Channy Leaneagh and Drew Christopherson of Poliça, Har Mar Superstar, and Jim Eno.






The Gang Font:

The Gang Font is a trained arrow at the heart of math punk indie jazz noise prog post post modern contemporary instrumental pop rock.
The Gang Font is a train narrow enough to tunnel through preconceptions and misconceptions about the ability of instrumental music to connect with girls.
The Gang Font is an ocean wide enough to snare the attention of the hellishly opinionated, irritatingly dogmatic, math jazz dork (a potent demographic).
The Gang Font is what happens when you combine veteran improvisers from the world of modern jazz with a punk rock icon.
The Gang Font features Dave King(indie jazz icons The Bad Plus, Happy Apple) on drums, Erik Fratzke (Prog metal giants Zebulon Pike, Happy Apple) on guitar, Bryan Nichols (Chicago and Minneapolis modern jazz stalwart) on keyboards and legendary punk bassist Greg Norton (Husker Du).
After releasing their debut album "The Gang Font Featuring Interloper" with original keyboardist Craig Taborn in 2007 on Thirsty Ear's highly touted Blue Series, the band regrouped with new keyboardist Nichols to write and record the follow up "We Will Not Be Imprisoned In Pictorial Space Frames!" release date TBA.
The music combines strong melodic content, avant jazz looseness and prog rock precision with an ease that only comes from strong, iconoclastic instrumentalists. The music bends and breaks. The music breathes and heaves. The music shatters and coagulates. It also makes you think sbout becoming a super hero. OK!!!!! Enjoy The Gang Font you rattlesnakes!!!