$5 in advance/$7 at the door

9:30pm doors/$10pm showtime








Daddy is the premiere twin cities variety show and dance night!

Queer, subversive, weird and full of love, any one can be a daddy. 

Daddy is for freaks of any gender, soft or hard, hairy or smooth, for the tops, the bottoms and the switches. Daddy brings together the queer community for a mix of performances, dances, live music, and amazing DJs. We wanna get sweaty and messy with you. 

Debuts June 29 at Icehouse! 




Marcel Michelle Obama:

Marcel Michelle Obama is a GNC/Queer/Trans Artist of Color with a multidisciplinary background interested in subverting conventional notions of eroticism. She is a founding member of Carnivale Revolver, St. Cloud's premier vaudeville revue. She is also a cast member of Dykes do Drag, Hot Dish Cabaret, and Visions of Sugarplums - The Burlesque Nutcracker. Her work has been featured in Queertopia, Patrick's Cabaret, and the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival. Follow her on instagram @marcelmichelleobama!!





Catherine Charles: 

Catherine Charles is a low femme pop punk pretty boy who makes gay music about gay sex. 





Jenna Cis:

Jenna Cis is the genderfluid deity alter ego of Minneapolis based musician and dancer, Cullen Propp. From their very beginnings, Cis has been interested in shattering audience member's realities through unflinchingly confrontational performance art. In our modern American culture, endless injustices are faced by marginalised people, and one of the greatest injustices is that the general public is often ignorant to these atrocities. Cis aims to bring visibility to the invisible, strength to the disenfranchised, and hope to those who have been shit upon their entire lives. It's time to decolonize. 





Liv Hnilicka (MC):

Liv Hnilicka is a Midwestern Queer and Trans artist, writer, performer, advocate, and MC of the Daddy's debut.





bb phat apparel:

bb phat apparel makes fashion harnesses and chokers for all bodies - made for babes by babes. Follow their work on instagram @bb_phat_apparel





DJ Apollolypstic: 

Apollolypstic is a vinyl junkie from San Francisco. His music selection starts with a 70’s soul foundation and spans across multiple genre. A DJ Who Knows How To Dance, he can work a groove. No Requests, please. Just Trust.






YONI is the self-titled project of Nepalese American multimedia artist Yoni Tamang. She is a concept. She is a singularity. No pretense. #NoFilter. 100% Pure YONI. 





Ollie Schminkey:

Ollie Schminkey is a white, non-binary transgender poet/musician/artist.  They facilitate, direct, and host many organizations, including a weekly writing workshop called Well-Placed Commas.  They have also represented the Twin Cities in numerous national poetry competitions, and they are the proud author of their second chapbook, You Are Sad and That Sucks a Lot.  You can find them touring nationally or in print in a bunch of cool lit mags.  Feel free to check them out on their website, ollieschminkey.com, or on Button Poetry.