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9:30pm doors/10pm showtime


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Devata Daun:

Devata Daun is Nikki Pfeifer. The darkwave artist released her debut record, ‘Look’ and some would say her music is that of a subversive insight to an intellectual phenomenon currently believed to be more than just captured government transmissions, lost shortwave beacons or military Muzak. Together, Olcott and Pfeifer lead the way of this pitch-deviant movement with Pytch as their platform.





26 Bats!:

26 BATS! is composed of the members of music collective, Kriyative Emblems of a Blue Soul Renaissance. With their multi-genre influences including hip hop, jazz, soul, and alternative rock, 26 BATS! creates music with no intention of boundaries of a genre. These jazz and blues trained musicians challenge their sound with their desire for sonic exploration. By sneaking mantras in their lyrics and using themes of overcoming hate, this twin cities based band has full intentions of empowering and healing through the embodiment of music.





Mamadu (Production Set):

Raised in a Buddhist household, immersing himself in Black history, world culture, and community work, Toki Wright's awareness of the diverse world we live in is translated through his content driven music. He has taken paths that run the gamut from a non-profit youth organization in North Minneapolis to work with war-affected children in Northern Uganda. As an artist, Wright's travels have taken him throughout the United States and Canada as support and hypeman for Brother Ali. Other performance credits include Soundset, Coachella, CMJ, Bumbershoot , Paid Dues, Scribble Jam, and SXSW. 

Being an active presence in the Twin Cities hip-hop scene, Wright has been featured on recordings by Atmosphere, P.O.S, and C-Rayz Walz, to name a few. With years of experience and numerous accolades (2007 Twin Cities Hip-Hop Awards "Best Knowledge Spitta" Winner, 2006 KMOJ Radio Artist of the Year, 2003 Star Tribune Artist of the Year - Honorable Mention, 2002 City Pages Hip-Hop Artists of the Year, 2002 Minnesota Music Award Nominee: Best Hip-Hop Artist, and more...), Toki Wright is ready to go to the next level with his debut solo, full-length release, A Different Mirror on Rhymesayers Entertainment June 9th, 2009. 

As the first artist in the newly developed Rhymesayers Spotlight Series, aimed at bringing new emerging, independent artists to the masses. Toki Wright comes armed with skill and determination. His insightful lyrics are balanced by smooth, flowing beats by local stand out producers Benzilla and Medium Zach of Fam Feud, and Rhymesayers' own Brother Ali. 

Toki recently wrote of the leaked track "State of Emergency": "Never before has this generation been at more of a critical point than now... the present day. War and Peace. Poverty and Gluttony. Enslavement and Freedom. Each measure of the spectrum entangled in the ultimate fight for power. Obtaining justice and equality are no easy tasks, our forefathers and mothers have proven this to be true. May this surge of energy be the catalyst for global understanding. In our struggle let us not forget the trials and tribulations of the great many who have walked along the hazardous path. Recognize history. Prepare yourself for the future. We are in a STATE OF EMERGENCY!?

Toki Wright is a thoughtful and important voice prepared to educate and challenge as well as entertain. As promised, audiences will be afforded access to A Different Mirror. 

"One of the dopest emcees around, who makes noise both on the microphone and as an un-compromising community activist..." - Davey D






Dua is a multidisciplinary performing artist based in Minneapolis. Using diverse afro-diasporic influences, the work produced by this artist provides audiences with ripe and unrefined emotions. Dua has gained regional recognition for song writing and spoken word. This has landed the artist the 2017 VERVE Grant for spoken word and readings at places like the Cedar Cultural Center, Lowertown Reading JamButton Poetry, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and more. Recently the artist has also received a role as a primary character in Sweetness of Wild a Free Black Dirt Production.





Orko Eloheim:

Orko Eloheim is one of music's most influential and prolific hip-hop artists. Orko is an avant-garde rapper and proudcer hailing from the Southern California underground, now residing in Minneapolis. His sound and style is a blend of psychedelia, afrofuturisim, urban dread and a virtuous knowledge of hip-hop culture. During his career he has worked with artists and labels such as Bigg Jus of Company Flow (as Nephlim Modulation Systems), Ninja Tune/Big Dada, Ras G, Aceyalone, Saul Williams, Gonjasufi, Adult Swim, and even Rick Rubin. His ahead of the game live show pioneered a decade ago, what has become common place today (live-programmed beat shows, hip-hop infused with electronic genres, and drum-driven production.)