$7 at the door

9:30pm doors/10pm showtime






Sleeping Jesus:

Sleeping Jesus, the soft-spoken hopeless romantic, paces his 3rd story apartment humming the melody to what would be “Brooklyn”. Caught flatfooted by unlikely love, uncertainty of what a summer in New York may bring, and the reality of a fleeting youth. New York falls through the cracks; he spends the mid west summer recording and writing what would soon become Perennial, his debut EP release. Perennial sweetly delivers a dose of nostalgia with the feeling of being torn apart by the surrender to love’s binding grip. During this short four-song journey, Sleeping Jesus draws us in and delivers a sermon of young love and the beautiful foolishness that accompanies it.





Jennie Lawless:

Jennie Lawless is a writer of sweet and sometimes lonely electronic pop songs. Best known as the front woman of the band Warehouse Eyes, Lawless' transformation as an artist has been bewildering, moving from writing clumsy folk songs, to winning jazz competitions, to eventually studying opera in Vienna, Austria. Now a classically trained musician, Lawless has decided to throw all of her education in the trash and return to her clumsy folk songs with a new edge. She might finally be making the music she wanted to make all along.





Andy Cook:

Sometimes we find the things we're looking for, and sometimes they find us. I grew up not having a thing to do with music - hockey, school, and pursuing a career were center stage. But then a few years ago a song came on the radio that made me want to make songs too. I'm not certain why. Maybe it's because we all have stories to tell, we all have things inside that deserve to take flight into the world. "What you are is not who you'll be" - if we dream, we can be whoever we want.

These songs are about feeling like we know ourselves one moment, and like we’re lost the next. About having almost everything, but not the one thing. About all the spaces we find ourselves, inside and out. Because sometimes all we can hang onto are hopes and dreams, and in this space that might be all we need.