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Sadistik is not just another rapper, he’s an artist in the deepest sense of the word. Hailing all the way from the scenic gloom of Seattle, Washington, Sadistik has quickly gained the hearts and ears of listeners by opting for a more personal and heartfelt brand of music. By combining caustic honesty, lyrical wit and technical innovation, Sadistik has crafted a sound that he can truly call his own while circumventing the limiting cliches of rap music. His lyrical endeavors are not without the help of some of the most talented producers in the underground scene, however, as he’s worked with the likes of Emancipator, Kno (of CunninLynguists), and Blue Sky Black Death.Additionally, some of underground rap’s most revered wordsmiths such as Tech N9ne, Eyedea, CunninLynguists and Sage Francis round off an impressive list of artists who have joined him on a track. Add a rigorous international touring schedule, and becoming a hometown favorite in recent years joining larger acts such as Lupe Fiasco and Slaughterhouse, and you have a strong force on the indie rap scene.

The day after Sadistik finished recording his critically acclaimed album Flowers For My Father, he began writing his most recent release, Ultraviolet. With a head full of acid, left field 60s & 70s cinema and palpable frustration with the world around him, Sadistik took an unabashed nose dive into the subconscious mind, releasing a three dimensional portrait painted in hues of psychosis and psychedelia. Drawing on his background in clinical psychology and cinematic predilections, he created a richly layered world of his own and offered the listener a passing glimpse through the keyhole.






Nacho Picasso:

Labeled “the Dark Sith Lord” of Seattle, Nacho Picasso is an American Rapper born Jesse Robinson in San Francisco CA ultimately raised in Seattle WA from age 3. He has notably released several sole and collaborative albums most recognized with BlueSkyBlackDeath. His career starred in 2011 with the underground success and the critical praise of his first EP “For the Glory.” He is known for his clever yet sometimes vulgar punchlines taboo subject matter and pop culture references. He helped shape and pave the way for the most recent wave of Seattle hip-hop scene which is now reminiscent of the early 90s grunge scene where Nacho stands in the forefront with his rebellious take no prisoners attitude and image.






Rafael Vigilantics:


Rafael Vigilantics has put in the hard work and the hard times and I'll be damned if it doesn't show him come thru the other side to light up for us. His lyrics sound more like a confession then a hip-hop song. His music sounds more like an ominous war-drum than a rap track. His cadence more like a motorcycle ride thru the desert than a steady flow. His tone is fierce yet pleading. Think Iggy Pop forces Roy Orbison to rap at gunpoint while Bukowski watches. If you like P.O.S and Aesop Rock chances are you'll like Rafael Vigilantics, if you don't like hip-hop at all chances are it wont change how you feel about him. He doesn't sound like much of anything we've ever heard before, self described as "the noise before the sound" and "SEARCH-AND-DESTROY-HIP-HOP." 
Listen to his title track "Unforgiven" from "The Orgasm of a Ghost" for a good taste of murder and the bad life sung to a drunken blues swagger. Listen to the punk-rooted anthem "Still Fighting" from his first record "Bury Me Standing" to hear how he spent his years between the railroad tracks and the wrecking ball. Listen to "The Darkness" from his newest release "The Spade Tapes" and you will find yourself in a circus full of love, drugs and kidnappings in Mexico. Whatever you do just make sure you really listen. There's a lot of story here and its a heartfelt worthwhile ride. 
His soon to be released record "The Spade Tapes" has us anticipating what happens next. He started recording it in Austin, fled to Portland, and is now posting bail in LA, a trifecta sure not to fail. Featuring artists such as Onry Ozzborn, Luck-One and Mic Crenshaw. Lets see what direction this all goes, Im guessing true north.