$7 at the door

9:30pm doors/10pm showtime








Beasthead is a four-piece electronic indie rock band from Minneapolis, MN.

In the spring of 2013, the band came together in an effort to create a sound that could speak to the unusually eclectic common ground they found in their shared artistic interests.

Drawing from their past musical experiences and current influences, Beasthead’s music is as unique and diverse as the flourishing creative community found in Minneapolis.

With the help of co-producer Ryan Olcott, Beasthead has recently completed their sophomore EP, “I Owe You For This”, and are extremely excited for its release, as well as what promises to be a busy rest of 2017.






Cool Pollution:

Cool Pollution is psychedelic indie folk post pop rock (remember pop rocks?) that features Ilya Garelik on vocals and guitar, Adrian Williams on synth and bass, and Ian Sutherland on drums and grooves.







Curse The Day That Birthed The Bastard, by Makr,  is now available for download and streaming. This 4 song opus was written as a reflection on certain phases of artist Mark McGee's life, made possible in part from a grant from the Jerome Foundation. 





Keith Millions:

Keith Millions is new kid on the block. He's not just a party DJ he's a party curator. You may know him from the popular dance party NIGHTCHAIN. Keith prefers to focus on blends while keeping the crowd on its toes with his distinct mash-up style of DJing. He pulls from an extensive knowledge dance and genres to create a soundscape that is unique and hard to resist.