Presented by Anda Flamenco Company & Sachiko "La Chayí"

$23 in advance/$25 at the door

Kids (12 and under) $13 in advance/$15 at the door

5:30pm doors/6pm showtime






Minnesota-based flamencos Anda Flamenco and Sachiko “La Chayí”, together with festero Javier Heredia and dancer La Rhina from Seville, Spain, will join forces to present “Flamenco: Raíces y Ramas” at Icehouse on Sunday, May 21 at 6pm. This captivating performance will interweave the flamenco music and dance of local flamencos and the sabor of flamenco straight from the source along with the guitar by Kris “El Cuervo” Hill.





Javier Heredia:

(Festero, Guest artist from Seville, Spain)

Seville-born Javier Heredia is a flamenco singer and a “festero” who specializes in dancing while singing  bulerías. Javier Heredia’s artistic achievements and international recognitions have been growing steadily for last 19 years. He has appeared several times in Seville’s prestigious Flamenco Biennal in support of artist such as Manuel Molina, El Extremeño, Juana la del Pipa among others. In other numerous festivals and events, he has performed with notable artists such as Jose de la Tomasa, Pansequito, Inés Bacán, Miguel el Funi, Concha Vargas, Juan Villar, Carmen Ledesma, Angelita Vargas, Aurora Vargas to name a few. Most notably, he has appeared in various theater productions of the legendary dancer Manuela Carrasco including the Biennal and he has toured all over Europe with her company in 2004-2005. In 2010, he was chosen to be a member of a group Flamenco de Morón and he has toured with the group in Spain, Morocco and Switzerland for 4 years. He also recorded a CD ¡Puro y Vivo! released in 2011 with the group.

Javier also has been invited to perform in various internationally recognized prestigious scenes such as Flamenco Festival in Berlin, the Mont de Marsan Flamenco Festival in the south of France and Flamenco Cante Festival in Miami amongst others. He has traveled multiple times to the US since 2007 and was recognized as an artist with extra ordinary abilities by the US government in 2015.  Also since 2014, he has started annual workshops and performances in various major cities in Japan. He continues performing in important flamenco events in Spain and internationally; and he also continues teaching his monthly general class in Seville. In November 2016, he appeared in a television program “Foro Flamenco” on Canal Sur to celebrate and represent flamenco as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity recognized by UNESCO.






La Rhina:

(Dancer, Guest artist from Seville, Spain)

La Rhina started her flamenco journey while living in Atlanta, GA in the late 90s and was one of the original member of “Perla Flamenca Dance Company” formed by Sweden native, Ulrika Frank in 2001. After performing with the company for 3 years, in 2004, La Rhina started teaching in Atlanta and also started performing independently in the south-eastern region of the US. Around the same time, she started to pursue her professional development by doing annual immersive training in southern Spain. Finally, in 2013, she moved to Seville to enhance her skills and further her career.

La Rhina’s style of dancing flamenco is influenced by highly recognized flamenco artists such as Angelita Vargas, Manuela Carrasco, El Torombo, Concha Vargas, Carmen Ledesma, Miguel el Funi, and Diego de La Margara. La Rhina has also studied singing with Juan del Gastor and other artists such as Esperanza Fernandez and Inés Bacán. She has trained her bata de cola (a special costume with a long train) skills under the instruction of Alicia Marquez in Seville as well. Since moving to Seville, she has danced in various places such as peñas, Ferias, private fiestas, and theater; and she has given private lessons and group classes. In November 2016, she participated to support an internationally recognized singer/dancer “festero”, Javier Heredia in a television program “Foro Flamenco” on Canal Sur to celebrate flamenco as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity recognized by UNESCO. La Rhina assists Javier Heredia in giving his classes and workshops in Seville on on-going basis; and she travels with him to teach and perform in other international cities in the U.S. and Japan. Most recently in March 2017, La Rhina traveled to Japan and worked with New York based choreographer Sara Erde and director David Kneuss to work in the opera Carmen for Music Academy of Ozawa Seiji who is an internationally recognized maestro/conductor of the orchestra.






Kris ¨El Cuervo¨ Hill:

(Guitarist, Guest artist from Phoenix, AZ)

A graduate of Arizona State University, Kris ¨El Cuervo¨ Hill had the opportunity to study with renowned composer Daniel Lentz & performing artist Richard Lehrman. There he developed his skills by composing for modern dance performances and accompanying ballet & modern dance classes on piano, guitar, and percussion at ASU for 10 years.

He has spent the last five years studying flamenco guitar, singing, and dance in Sevilla, Spain with Juan del Gastor as well as performing in Andalucia, Spain with various artists and academias.  He has worked and performed for the schools of Juana Amaya, Jose Galvan, Luis Peña, Juan Polvillo, y Flamencos por el Mundo. In 2014-2015 he had the honor of performing with el maestro José Galvan and his flamenco dance Company and performing at the Pena Torres Macarena for the Homenaje of Jose Galvan in January 2016. He has performed as principal guitarist with internationally renowned artists such as Carmen Ledesma, Jose Galvan, Javier Heredia, and Jose Mendez.

Kristofer currently performs and teaches internationally as an independent artist and works as a guitarist for flamenco dance companies such as Carlota Santana: Flamenco Vivo(NYC),  Inspiracion Flamenca(PHX), Jose Galvan(Sevilla), and Flamenco or la Vida(PHX).

Some of his recordings & compositions for dance have been performed at the Joyce Theater, NYU, Times Square, NYC, & at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival. Live Performance credits also include PHX symphony hall, L’Usine in Geneva, Museo del Barrio: NYC, Teatro Alameda Sevilla, and Woodstock(NY), as well as many other international venues.  His music can also be heard in the Sony Pictures 2010 release of Universal Soldier III: Regeneration, available on DVD and on Netflix.







Anda Flamenco Company:

(Minneapolis, MN)

Kristina de Sacramento founded Anda Flamenco Company and School in 2002 after spending more than a decade as a soloist with Rincón del Flamenco. Anda Flamenco is dedicated to presenting and preserving the strength and simplicity of traditional flamenco. To this end, company members travel to Spain as often as possible to study with the masters and see all the performances possible. Anda is passionate about sharing their love of flamenco – performing in cafes and theaters, on street corners and in grocery stores, and at festivals ranging from the Fringe to the Greenway Glow. Believing strongly in giving to the community, Anda often donates performances for fundraising and charity events.  Anda Flamenco Company boasts two flamenco guitarists, a singer, and ten flamenco dancers. To read about all the members of our company, please go to and click on the company page for all their bios.







Sachiko “La Chayí”:

(Dancer, Minneapolis, MN)

A native of Osaka, Japan, Sachiko “La Chayí” is a Twin Cities-based Flamenco dancer, teacher, choreographer and organizer.  Besides her work as an independent artist, her current projects include directing Twin Cities Flamenco Collective.  She has received recognitions and grants from Minnesota State Arts Board, Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, the Jerome Foundation, the Minnesota SAGE Awards for Dance, and New York State Flamenco Certamen.  Her dance and choreography have been commissioned and/or presented by The Walker Art Center, Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre, Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis Guitar Quartet, The Southern Theater, and Hamline University.  She was a resident artist of Zorongo Flamenco from 2003 to 2009.  She lived and studied the art of Flamenco in Seville, Spain from 2010 to 2015 which became the foundation of her current dance and work.  Besides her daily life surrounded by the culture of Flamenco in Seville, she owes her artistic foundation to the following incomparable artists and teachers (in alphabetical order); Juan del Gastor, Farruquito, Javier Heredia, Juan del Gastor, Luis Peña, Miguel Funi, Pilar Montoya Manzano “La Faraona”, and Susana Di Palma.