$8 in advance/$10 at the door

9:30pm doors/10pm showtime






DaNCEBUMS DaNCE is a four week residency jam-packed with music, dance, and performance.  Joined by keyboardist/vocalist Eric Mayson and percussionist Toby Ramaswamy, DaNCEBUMS is a band that makes dances - a crowd pleasing performance imbued with humor, groove, exertion, and extreme bliss. Each week focuses on a facet of DaNCEBUM-ness, with an all star line up to match.





DaNCEBUMS is a group of five making dance collaboratively and non-hierarchically in Minneapolis. Dubbed “the best dance party in town”, their work straddles the arty and the party as they knowingly move between precise technique and casual pop sensibility. In a search for radical joy, they embrace the awkward, conjure nostalgia, and contemplate bright futures. Their crowd-pleasing performance is imbued with humor, groove, exertion, and extreme bliss.

Margaret Johnson, Kara Motta, Eben Kowler, Maggie Zepp, and Karen McMenamy met as students in the University of Minnesota’s dance department, and have collaborated in various configurations since 2011. Tightly bonded by friendship, they lived together at 601 Broadway St NE. During their two-year residency in this home, they produced a trio of original dance-rock-operas in their single-car garage. Since 2013, DaNCEBUMS has been performing thoughtful and provocative dance work in the Twin Cities. Their collaboration is based on mutual love and respect for each other, systems of support, and togetherness. They have presented work at the Walker Art Center (One-Move-Dance), Red Eye Theater (New Works 4 Weeks 2014, 2015), The Southern Theater, and the Bryant Lake Bowl (WOW, in collaboration with 6ix Families). Their webseries, moves4u2do, allows fans to take their choreography off the stage and into their lives with simple instructional videos.

Currently, DaNCEBUMS is realizing their dream of becoming a dance band - taking their work out of the theater and into bars, music venues, and parties. Joined by keyboardist/vocalist Eric Mayson, and percussionist Toby Ramaswamy, they have performed at 7th St Entry, ICEHOUSE, Kitty Cat Klub, Public Functionary,The Swedish Institute, and on live television as part of TPT’s Takeover Series.






Cali-boy looks to midwest for less cali. Unassumingly befriends talented mpls ppl. Experiences first winter ever* and is forced to write infectious grooves to stay positive (cali-boy only recently discovers vitamin D3). Talented mpls ppl hear recordings of cali-boy's grooves and are very interested. Grooves are transmitted between c-boy and ppl. Result: a funky infection takes hold. Symptoms: involuntary tiny-dancing and a nasty rash. Of local shows. Midwest summers are warm and sticky and hospitable to these types of infections. At some point this particular strain is designated "P • PL" and is hard to search for on the internet. But it's getting around.






Hiponymous is a crew of two, comprised of Renée Copeland and Genevieve Muench. With an ever-evolving aesthetic, the duo is committed to making work that values community, social justice, and queer/feminist representations.Hiponymous' signature choreography delivers simultaneously subconscious and overt approaches to unison and punctuation of movement through rhythm. We make dances the way life often feels: complex with bodies that experience a world of adversity and complicity, and perhaps we make dances that reveal how we would like to choreograph our lives: full of consensuality, deep, radical friendships, humor, real equity, good food and of course, ice cream.