$8 in advance/$10 at the door

10pm showtime


Hosted by Bruce Leroy Williams of Baddie's Comedy Co.

Sounds by DJ Miss Brit

Theme: Resolutions and Revolutions (Honoring our sacral chakra, setting intentions for the new year, and committing to personal and social change.)

#TheFeels presented by Visions MergingSoul Tools Entertainment, andJazz88 is where hip hop and jazz meet. It's a night of live instrumentation featuring singers, poets, emcees, comedians and more. The Feels (formerly The Feel Good Revolution) provides a space for art, entertainment, and healing to become synonymous with monthly themes dedicated to removing the stigma of mental health and healthy lifestyle choices. Throughout the night artists will perform content that inspires them to be their best selves.



Soul Beautiful: 

(Live Band)


Soul Beautiful is an indie neo-soul band that represents Awareness. Our songs reflect peace, intention, positive vibrations, balance, and victory over the struggles of everyday life.

We are expanding boundaries, we are bringing concepts and illustrating experiences, we represent our village, our ancestors and our loved ones who are no longer here in the physical.

Our goal is to create a timeless sound that will project light into ones life.




Lisa Marie Brimmer: 


Lisa+Venticinque+Out+of+the+Box+Challenge+Twin+Cities - Visions Merging.jpg




Whitney B. Music: 



Whitney is drawn to the incredible power of the human voice to foster inspiration, relate-ability, learning, and deepened connection to humanity. ...and to have some fun in that process. :)

Musically-speaking, people most often describe Whitney’s musicality as “Soulful", "Jazzy", and "Real".

As Naima of the poetic duo 'Climbing Poetree' said, "We are not here for your entertainment...We are here for our inner attune-ment."

Whitney is interested in connecting with like-minded musical collaborators and venues to further grow and share her musicality with the world. 




Robb Hayes Music: 


FB_IMG_1507754862475 - Robbhayesmusic.jpg

Robert Hayes aka 'Robb' is a southern bred rapper chasing his dreams. His Will Smith-esque sound brings a ray of hope to new, fresh sounding music. Swift rhymes and creative song writing skills give Robb more than a fighter’s chance in a saturated industry. Kentucky raised, Robb started rapping at the young age of 15, freestyling every song he rapped and beatboxing his own instrumentals. It started in his best friend’s basement, rapping on a mic with a sock over it, recording vocals on the crowd favorite, Fruity Loops. Soon after, Robb started to write and took time to polish his skills with the pad and the mic over industry instrumentals. Recording over 30 songs he realized how much he loved writing music. Influenced by the likes of Eminem, 50 Cent, Will Smith and Nas, he developed an unconditional love for making music; but without the connects, he couldn't piece together an opportunity to make it happen. 

Kentucky wasn't known for their large hip hop scene, so it was hard for him to gain traction. Although becoming a rapper was not as cliché then as it is now, Robb found nobody in his life would take his dream seriously - if you hadn’t made it big, you were not a 'real' rapper. Robb’s biggest mistake was to listen, and he decided to take a break on music and went to college. When he found life did not work out quite as planned, he left to live with his biological father in Minnesota. Making the move to a state three times as big as Kentucky led him to a music scene with a melting pot of talent. Here, the 'to be continued' portion of his music career would get right back on track. 

Robb always wrote to keep his mind sharp. In fact, lyrics constantly floated through this mind. So, just as soon as he found great producers, he started making quality music. It didn’t take long to complete his first self-titled project, "The Robb LP." He quickly found Minnesota was a tight knit music community, so since Robb was not a native, he had to work even harder to make his name known, but he was up for the challenge. “The Robb LP” consisted of nine standout tracks, three featuring Adele-like power singer, Faye Lewis. The highlight of the album, Nostalgia, spread like wildfire earning him victory on KMOJ's infamous “Rush it or Flush it” five weeks in a row. After a radio interview and consistent radio play he became one of Minnesota’s rising hip hop artists. He has since performed at Honey, 7th Street Entry, Lake Harriet Bandshell, Tangiers, The Exchange, and The Pourhouse, among others. His collaborations include top Minnesota hip hop artist MetaSota and mentions by Rhymesayers artist, Toki Wright. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg in accomplishing a dream that most ultimately give up on. Robb is currently working on a new project titled, "The Eugene Project." The first two singles, “The Butta” and “I Got Soul” have been released with rave reviews. With his fan base growing daily he continues to push the envelope and make the most creative music possible for all to love. Check out Robb's music for yourself and see what the hype is all about!




Andrea Jenkins: 


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DJ Miss Brit:

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Brittany “Miss Brit” Lynch is DJ, poet, and entrepreneur who fiercely advocates for artists in communities of color. Her work exists at the intersection of media, art, curation and social justice, and community healing.She is the creator and curator of The Feels, a night of performance art dedicated to mental health and healthy lifestyle choices.