$7 at the door

9:30pm showtime


Presented by KFAI Radio's Womenfolk

Three female fronted Americans bands join forces for a special night of smart songwriting, powerful vocals and a sprinkling of seasonal tunes. Sponsored by KFAI Radio, the show will be hosted by Womenfolk DJ Ellen Stanley. For interviews, ticket giveaways and special show previews, tune into KFAI 90.3 FM Minneapolis/106.7 FM St. Paul Tuesdays 4-6 pm or online at www.kfai.org/womenfolk.





Lena Elizabeth:


Lena Elizabeth is a singer/songwriter and Minneapolis native writing songs influenced by folk music with a voice rooted in the blues. The youngest in a household of musicians, she blends old and new to create a pop sound that is approachable across generations.

Lena Elizabeth's debut EP 'The Line' marries simplicity of tone with the stories of her reality. Leading with subdued yet tactile vocal lines, her words take a path between playful and bluesy tones. Written and composed with the baritone ukulele, she offers a strong soulful voice with elements of folk storytelling. Her three-man band creates the foundation for her stories. Jeff Krause, on Electric Guitar, leads with that subtly driven clean tone; crafting lines that converse with the lyrics and laying understated rhythmic textures. Taylor Donskey provides the low end with the emblematic tone of the Upright Bass. On Drums and Percussion, Daniel Staddon brings it all together.  Solid tones and sly lyric moments fill out each tune, providing the groove so that you might rest in it. You may find you even nod your head. This outfit, championed by the heart that is the music of Lena Elizabeth is a hidden gem.





The Lowland Lakers:

The Lowland Lakers are a Midwest folk trio based out of Minneapolis with roots in bluegrass, rock & roll, and country. They serve up their own take on acoustic Americana through a minimal use of guitar, banjo, fiddle, double bass, and distinct vocal harmonies. Songs in their catalog tend to differ in theme and feel giving the group a wide dynamic range and balanced emotional charge. Having played a wild variety of venues around the upper Midwest, the Lowland Lakers are as comfortable at a rowdy dive bar as they are at an intimate listening session. The band invites you to explore their place under the sun, wherever it might be. They invite you to take off your shoes and stay a while.

Haley Rydell and Nate Case met through a mutual friend in October of 2004 at the University of Minnesota Duluth's Lake Superior Hall.  Case's dorm complex was home to the infant jam sessions among their freshman year jam band, Noble Haze. The band saw minor success opening UMD's big spring concert for national giants, Guster, and the group soon let their newly found rock stardom go completely to their heads. 

As Noble Haze was dis-banding, and Rydell re-locating to Fargo/Moorhead, new musical endeavors were on the horizon. Case began playing off and on with a funk group known as Heavy J and the Fantastics as well as the indie rock quartet Dirty Horse, while Rydell met up with local Fargo friends and helped form the rowdy bluegrass pickin' Johnson Family band. 

Not too soon after, the travel bug came itching and Rydell moved out to Denver and formed the power folk duo, I'm With Her, with local songstress Angie Stevens, while Case remained in Duluth rocking out wildly.  It was in this Duluth lull period where Case met fellow country rocker Matt Donoghue, who would later become the Lowland Lakers bassist and most educated member. The attraction of being closer to home and yet not at the same time took hold for both Case and Rydell, who soon moved to the big city of Minneapolis and sparked the idea of a new band over some strong coffee and turkey sandwiches. Never forgetting that Donoghue had moved to town just months before, Case set out on a mission to lure him into the band, which ultimately proved successful.

In the spring of 2017 Donoghue graduated from the University of Minnesota with a PHD and is now a resident physician at the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis. Stepping in to pick up where Matt left off is Taylor Donskey, a photographer and bassist from the Driftless region of Wisconsin. Taylor adds a very natural 3rd harmony to the trio and has brought along a list of his own original music to fold into the mix. 

Haley, Nate, and Taylor are diving in and exploring parts of their stories that aren't always the easiest to talk or sing about. As these stories come into focus you are able to get a good sense of where these 3 have been, and even a little bit about where they would like to end up. The band is gearing up to record their second long playing record, excited and a little nervous to share with you all the continuation of their history. 





Mother Banjo:


Featuring Ellen Stanley on banjo and vocals, Mother Banjo is a New England-raised, Minneapolis-based songwriter. Called “an outstanding poet” (Inside Bluegrass), she was a Midwest Finalist for the prestigious Mountain Stage NewSong Contest and has been featured nationally on SiriusXM Radio, CMT.com and The Current. Her all-star 5-piece band released The Devil Hasn't Won in 2013, which was called a "tasty excursion into rootsy gospel" (City Pages). They recently won the Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Association's "Race for a Place" band contest, came in 3rd at the Minnesota State Fair Americana-Roots Band Contest and are currently working on a new album, which will be out in 2018.