$8 in advance/$10 at the door

10:30pm doors/11pm showtime




The Cloak Ox:


The Cloak Ox is made of four staunch music-making Midwestern men. They are Andrew Broder, Jeremy Ylvisaker, Mark Erickson and Martin Dosh and their names may be familiar. Of course, they may not be. They hail from Minneapolis, MN, and have been friends for many years, playing a lot-a lot-of music together and apart. They have started bands, quit bands, restarted bands, played in others' bands, inspired other people's bands that became very successful, and even sometimes joined those bands after the fact. Suffice it to say, they have played damn near every kind of music there is to play. But with the Cloak Ox, these four return to rock and roll, and they play it very, very well. Sometimes it's loud and sometimes it's quiet. Sometimes it's funky and sometimes it's gentle. Sometimes they spazz the fuck out and sometimes they boogie. Andrew's words can be sad or funny, surreal or mundane, tender or venomous. And it's the combination of all of those things that makes the band's debut EP, Prisen, something to marvel at-a modern testament to human ingenuity and American workmanship proudly no more nor less than sum of its finely tuned parts. In their past lives, combos and collaborations, the members of the Cloak Ox have been lauded and dismissed. They have succeeded and failed. They have been respected and completely forgotten. Their story is a lot like your story, and you are the best rock and roll band in the world.





Dead Rider:


It is with much angst that I inform you I'd like to punt on the bio request. I am in the midst of several projects that are unusually stressful and interfering with my abilities to function as a normal human. The idea of starting from scratch on a bio is literally causing me to lose sleep. Nobody wants to update our press materials more than I, and normally it is a project that I like to take my time on and have a concept for (the above photo notwithstanding). I assure you that when the time comes to rollout a new and more awesome DEAD RIDER experience (very soon!), we will have a jaw dropping photo accompanied with a bio that will someday be studied as literature at future Ivy League universities. For now, I'd like to continue with the idea that the Hideout show be a laid back affair, a delightful and low pressure space, we and the audience create to reveal hidden manifestations of confidence and self actualization. -Todd, Espy, White Christmas





DJ Channy Pants:


Channy Leaneagh is the lead vocalist and co-songwriter of electro-pop group POLIÇA, who originally emerged from Minneapolis in 2011 when Channy and producer Ryan Olson began collaborating on a batch of synthesizer and percussion-heavy arrangements. The resulting debut, 2012's Give You The Ghost, immediately garnered international acclaim, with Rolling Stone hailing it as "the sound of heartbreak and celebration happening simultaneously" and Q praising it as "a bewitching, urgent, magical debut." The quick success of Give You The Ghost brought with it a heavy touring schedule and an itch to keep creating. Two albums, a live band, and several international tours later, POLIÇA have graced the stages of massive festivals around the world, from Coachella to Glastonbury, and performed on renowned television shows such as Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and Later With Jools Holland.  Their most recent project, Music For The Long Emergency, is a collaboration with European chamber ensemble s t a r g a z e. The piece was commissioned by the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra’s Liquid Music series and had its US debut last Fall at the Fitzgerald Theater. 




DJ Devata Daun:


Nikki Pfeifer aka, Devata Daun, is a Minneapolis oddity currently making lo­fi psychedelic electronic music in the Twin Cities’ area. The writer, musician and co­founder of Pytch Records, has been busy working alongside Ryan Olcott and Garrison Grouse on their label’s recent launch. It can be expected that Devata Daun’s debut album ‘look’ will be completely saturated with brooding and soulful darkwave tones.