$8 at the door

10:30pm doors/11pm showtime




Gabriel Douglas:


Gabriel Douglas has built his reputation on the churning, heavy-thumping blues rock of the 4onthefloor, whose sound is defined as much by his wild man warrior-bellow vocals as it is by the steady pulse of the four members’ synchronous bass-drum thuds—but a delve into the corners of his catalog reveals an artist with a startling breadth of interests. The man keeps busy, holding down gigs in several stylistically distinct groups while regularly performing and recording solo. The solo shows let the guttural howls show through and the songs breathe new lives as stripped down road songs.

From the roots rockin’, foot-stompin’ barrage of the 4onthefloor to the downtempo chills of Orca Colony, all the way to the bellowing solo shows, he brings his passion and joy to the listeners. Wonderful landscapes are drawn as his lyrics cascade over an audience. His shows range from minimal, soft-spoken scarce valleys where the crowd hushes, to a full-on audio assault as he howls and hails from tales of a life well-travelled.  






Sarah Krueger:


Sarah Krueger is Eau Claire, WI born and Duluth, MN built.  She's drawn from both cities to craft a lustrous folk sound that serves as a breathing foundation for her earnest and straightforward songwriting. With songs that stand upon a moody brightness and authentic vibe, you'll often find Sarah onstage and in the studio with a rotating cohort of applauded artists to fill them out just right. Krueger’s zealous performing and prevailing voice offer a fresh presence to the stage and seem to hit all the soft spots in the complicated space between us all.