10:30pm showtime





Goulden Balls:

Bass, guitar, drums. Goulden Balls strip funk music back to its organic roots. Mark Erickson, Jeff Ham, Martin Dosh: One of the best rhythm sections in Minneapolis before they play a single note, Goulden Balls is a power trio in the funky town, where tight arrangements and bottomless grooves illustrate the potential of friendship and collaboration.

Erickson and Ham were musical partners throughout the 1990s, with The Curbfeelers and Detroit defining a specific kind of anarchic funk and rock couched in spectacle and humor. Dosh and Erickson together anchored the work of Fog and The Cloak Ox and others throughout the 2000s until the present day, developing a shared vocabulary of powerful musical gesture.

Now performing original funk compositions, these three Goulden Balls will reintroduce you to the power of deep feeling and rhythm.





DJ Andrew Broder:


Born and raised in Minneapolis MN, Andrew Broder has dedicated the better part of his thirty-plus years to carving out his own singular path in music. Andrew has spent time as a cutting and scratching hip-hop battle DJ, a snotty punk rocker, a challenging and thoughtful improviser, soundtrack composer, working sideman, producer, remixer, beat-maker, poet, brutal noise-monger and above all a fearless, restless and provocative songwriter.

His work is a study in surprise and defying expectation. With his records as Fog, he re-defined the turntable as a compositional tool, and his contributions since to avant hip-hop, electronic music, rock, jazz and metal have been equally engaging, and envelope-pushing. His lyrics are cutting and evocative, his melodies poignant and tart, and his curiosity leads him to unexpected juxtapositions in sound and image. In whatever genre or medium he works, he strives to take the listener somewhere they have never been, or make them more keenly aware of somewhere they already are.