Set times:

American Housewife - 9:00

Timbre Ghost - 10:00

Mary Bue w/ band - 11:00

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Mary Bue:


“Heretofore more of a tender coffeehouse balladeer, the Duluth music scene mainstay plugged in and blew off a harbor’s worth of steam while recording her breakthrough collection at Sacred Heart Studio (which adds a “holy” spirit to many a record). Fans of ’90s alt-rock darlings like Belly and Jen Trynin will immediately take to the rocky hooks of songs like “Candy” and “Heart’s Desire.” Bue’s ghost-confronting, demons-wrestling lyrics seep in more slowly but prove similarly alluring.” – Chris Riemenschneider,  Minneapolis Star Tribune

Mary Bue is an indie musician,  yoga instructor and yoga studio owner based in Minneapolis.  A prolific songwriter with nearly 7 albums under her belt,  Mary’s music touches upon archetypal themes of the human condition:  love, loss,  triumph,  dreams,  and the natural world.  A longtime student of yoga and psychology since her early teens,  Mary weaves sacred subject matter into her songs with inquiries into the spirit,  the seeking of deeper levels of consciousness,  and deep concern for the environment all mixed into her sometimes crass, real-world hue.  Mary recently opened Imbue Yoga in South Minneapolis – an intimate, beginner friendly studio featuring many lineages of yoga — with all of these deep passions and interests, she’s a true multi-passionate entrepreneur.   In 2017 Mary is an Artist in Residence at the Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos, NM – spending time in solitude,  along the Rio Grande river gorge and Sangre de Cristo mountains.  She will be releasing her 7th project The Majesty of Beasts on May 12th, 2017.

“There is a curious power in the ability to view one’s life with an unjaundiced eye. It’s not about being fearless, although that doesn’t hurt, it’s about the ferocity of spirit required to accept the world as it is and move forward from there. Singer/songwriter Mary Bue’s songs crackle with this power, mixing piano and guitar, folk and pop, and redolent with private tragedy and shared elation. Her voice, described as “marvelously sultry and cool,” lends her vivid, sometimes existential lyrics a texture that is both intimate and expansive.  This intimacy is Mary’s calling card. Her lyrics invite you in and you’re right there with her as she sings, barefoot in the sand or walking along the Mississippi, heart pounding from your chest, letting go, hanging on, vibrant, alive. She brings you into her adventures, trials, and triumphs through her lyrics, and keeps you engaged with melodies you’ll find yourself humming to yourself long after the music has ended.” – Aaron Richner

"Mary describes her own work as ‘the retellings of adventures, mishaps, and pains-in-the-ass.’ Which is simply to say that through her experiences touring the country, studying yoga from 2008 to 2011 in Seattle, attaining a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and falling in and out of love, she has a lot of wisdom to retell. The songs are a map she has drawn through the depths of the ocean of human experience; and even though the lyrics are often pulled from secret, dark places, Mary’s presence is a positive one, full of laughter and light.” – Amy Clark, KAXE





American Housewife:


American Housewife is the songwriting duo of Stephanie Paquin & Maureen Rudd, formerly of Space Heater. “In Like a Lion”, their first release, is an alt pop album that shimmers like the water of the lakes in their hometown of Minneapolis. The lyrics hang on regret, longing and movement. The layered guitars are sonically varied. The hooks coming heavy and often. The harmonies soar. The music has universal themes and irresistible charms. It’s for anyone who’s traveled some distance to arrive at who they are.

American Housewife is honored to have made the top 16 bands in the Star Tribune’s 2017 “Are You Local?” competition and have performed at Minneapolis' own Basilica Block Party in July of 2017.





Timbre Ghost:


Music is its own emotional and intellectual language. It can be an effective means of striking connection with the world. These are songs for the heavy-hearted, the joyful, and the content.

Timbre Ghost is the composition and performance of musician Dustin Tessier (Lazer Forever, Teague Alexy, Double Bird) in the songwriting, and studio setting. Live iterations of Timbre Ghost, as a band feature Adam Patterson (American Cream, Magic Castles) on drums, and Dylan Ritchie (Grant Hart, Teenage Strangler, Prissy Clerks) on bass.

Hailing from Duluth MN, Dustin Tessier is a life-long musician who traces his influences to growing up in a musical family, and coming of age in a storied city. Dustin has spent the past 20+ years immersed on the continuum of songwriting, recording, improvisational creation, and live performance as a local and national touring musician.

"... Tessier is based in Minneapolis and records and performs under the name Timbre Ghost. His debut EP under that nom de plume is “The Ledger,” a dark, pensive handful of songs that recall the work of artists like Neil Young, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, My Morning Jacket and even Sonic Youth in their quieter moments." - Tony Bennett, Duluth News Tribune