Poppa Bear Norton:


Poppa Bear Norton is not your typical run of the mill throwback country western duo. Comprised of "The Singer" Zak (Poppa Bear) Norton and "The Slinger" Bronson (B) Bergeson, this two man runaway freight train hillbilly band hits the stage with their own original brand of familiar yet different high octane country & western music. Being influenced by and taking not only musical but also performance styling queues from some of the all time country greats such as Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, Mel Tillis & Willie Nelson to name a few has given Poppa Bear Norton a truly unique prospective on what it means to entertain. 

"At some point in time country music shifted from come on out and have some fun with us, to come on out and watch me sing as I convince you I am sexy and cool. Thats not country music, thats rock 'n' roll. The best country performers have all had one thing in common, they had humility ingrained in both their music and their persona. They were confident without being cocky, strong yet vulnerable and full of self- deprecating humor. No matter where they were they never came off as too cool, smart, or talented to be playing for anyone, because they were like everyone. They knew their weaknesses and exploited that just as much as their strengths and there is something to be said for someone who can get up in front of people laugh at themselves and allow the audience to be in on the joke with them. That's entertainment. That's not to say we don't take our music seriously, we do, but no matter what kind of night your having up on that stage good or bad you have to find a way to enjoy it and have a good time so you can share that good time with the crowd at that bar, club, honky tonk, theater, festival or living room. Thats why we are Thee Original Daredevil Country Band because we go out there just the two of us and throw down with reckless abandon and hope we succeed, but we guarantee this whether we soar like eagles or crash and burn up on that stage you will be entertained."