$8 at the door

8:30pm doors/9pm showtime






Kara Laudon:

Kara Laudon is a singer/songwriter based in the Twin Cities. She released her first full length album, I Wasn't Made, on April 3, 2015. You can find the album on Bandcamp and iTunesMusic That Isn't Bad called Kara's music "soft and catchy." A track from the album, "Summer Haze" was featured as The Current's song of the day.






One winter night, an eight year old Zach Brose stared out his bedroom window and named the giant oak tree he had grown up with all his life, Arbirn.  Now, years later, the name has manifested itself again in the form of a music group that brings about the emotions of nostalgia as well as an inevitable, optimistic growth.  ar.birn is an indie rock trio comprised of members Zach Brose (guitar), Cooper Doten (bass), and Reese Kling (drums). Growing up with and connected by Minneapolis music such as Halloween Alaska, Happy Apple, Love-cars, and beyond,  the trio aims to capture what was so compelling about these groups to them then and now.  A balance between pensive songwriting and experimentation with splashes of pop/rock grooves encapsulates ar.birn's sound.