$10 at the door

9:30pm showtime






Set One - Jonah Parzen-Johnson

Jonah Parzen-Johnson is a saxophonist living in Brooklyn, NY. He writes music for solo saxophone and analog synthesizer. Imagine the raw energy of an Appalachian Folk choir, tempered by a lofi, minimal aesthetic. His carefully assembled analog synthesizer breathes with his saxophone, building independent melodic layers to support his sound, or soaring above his extended technique driven saxophone playing. All performed live, without any looping or recorded samples. A Chicago native, Jonah’s circular breathing, multi-phonics and inclusively experimental style owe a debt to the Chicago saxophone legacy, but his devotion to a quirky almost vocal approach places him in new territory for the solo saxophone. He has meticulously constructed a world of warm memories remembered in a cold present, as he melds the evocative nature of folk music with the chilling power of experimentalism. Along with playing solo, Jonah is a co-leader of Brooklyn Afrobeat outfit, Zongo Junction.





Set Two - Park Evans Quintet

Park Evans Quintet performs genre-shifting cinematic compositions penned by Ithaca, NY native Park Evans. Featuring Twin Cities improvised music luminaries Steve Kenny (Illicit Sextet), Brandon Wozniak (Dave King's Trucking Company, Atlantis Quartet), Cody McKinney (John Keston, Pavielle French), Greg Schutte (Ryan Bingham, Mickey Hart).

Steve Kenny - Trumpet
Brandon Wozniak - Tenor Saxophone
Park Evans - Guitar
Cody McKinney - Bass
Greg Schutte - Drums