$10 at the door

9:30pm showtime





Set 1 - Levi Schwartzberg Quartet:  

Levi Schwartzberg(vibes), Patrick Adkins(piano), Drew Stinson(bass), and Tarek Abdelqader(drums) work to bring together a selection of original material, as well as some of their favorite hard bop repertoire, meanwhile exploring a variety of textural backgrounds. 




Set 2 - Barnacle:

Barnacle was a turn of the century jazz rock quartet featuring the twin guitar attack formation of Jason Goessl(seattle) and Jacob Park Evans,  The rhythm team of Greg Schutte and Chris Bates formed a calcified nucleus around the soft tissues of texture created by the double guitars.  Here they will reunite for a one off to explore new music and rekindle the spirit of tenaciously symbiotic friendships.