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Hosted by Mica Grimm







On his latest project The Send-Off, rapper and producer Tufawon stays connected to his Southside Minneapolis roots, while simultaneously expanding his horizons and broadening his influences. A quick project that packs a lot of ideas about politics, culture, social awareness, and self-care over a range of spaced-out beats and varying rhythms, Tufawon’s sound has grown beyond his local scene to include inspiration from his experiences traveling the world. 

Growing up in poverty without the privilege to move outside his immediate community, the importance of worldly influence and global understanding wasn't instilled early on, but an eye-opening series of trips to Cuba with the US Cuba Artist Exchange of the Twin Cities enlightened his perspective and broadened his creativity. Working with Cuban rappers, producers, and instrumentalists brought a new insight to the Minneapolis veteran's art and hustle, and he's been itching to continue to explore the world and push the work even further. The proceeds of The Send-Off were put towards future travel opportunities, which included a recent trip to Colombia. 

You can hear the positive effect of his new opportunities in the lyrics themselves, which contain a number of ruminations on the world, the self, and one’s place in the universe. With years of experience putting out projects with Minneapolis mainstays Freez and Franz Diego as Illuminous 3, he's made a name for himself already, and established a signature sound of smoked-out grit and savvy bars. But the artist’s journey is evident in his new approach to rap music, which includes both adaptations of his increasing sonic palette, and a glimpse into his personal progression as an artist, a world citizen, and a human being.





Maria Isa:

Maria Isa has been focusing on her latest project the Latina Theory podcast covering politics, national news and entertainment from a Latina woman's perspective. Maria is a playwright for the Mixed Blood Theatre's Dj Latinidad opening in March.  Most recently Isa has been working between Minneapolis and Los Angeles along with participating in National screenings for the Latino Film Strike One where she stars as Angie Garcia alongside Danny Trejo and Johnny Ortiz.  Maria also stars in the Dr. Justin Schell documentary We Rock Long Distance and is finishing up The Dragon Lady to be out this Spring. 





Frank Castle:

It's as if he came out the womb and put the needle on the record. Frank Castle is a well rounded and versatile DJ, who's been playing records since a little kid at the family gatherings. Known to rock a party or few. You never really know what he might drop on you next. To add to the resume, Mr. Castle has backed a number of Minnesota's finest rappers such as Haphduzn, Muja Messiah, Tufawon, Meta, Illab, Bars & Measures, Whit, just to name a few.





Sevadar Sehaj:

The name “Sevadar Sehaj” is just one example of Sehaj’s ability to adapt a wide range of influences into his sound and style. One of the foundations for his eclectic tastes is built on his love for record digging. 

This love was born out of his early interest in sample-based hip hop production, but surprisingly, those old 60's and 70's-era funk and soul records ended up having a bigger impact on the artist's sound and his knack for songwriting and storytelling. 

That inspiration is tangible in the producer/singer's forthcoming "Blue Bridge" EP -- a crunchy, croony, head-knocking debut effort, expected for wide release in May 2016. 

The vibe is 90's boom bap infused with 70's soul and 30's blues. And the sounds crunch like candy thunder in your ear. With a balanced mix of all these styles Sevadar Sehaj introduces a sound that stands on its own. 

Via Blue Bridge, Sehaj's voice wanders through soundscapes with a smoky quality and yet his lyrics beg for attention. Like a drifter on every composition, Sehaj looks to hitch a ride into the ears of listeners who can appreciate a true original. 

Sehaj illuminates Blue Bridge with an RnB drawl alla Bobby Caldwell and lyrical depth reminiscent of Bob Dylan. 

Other discernible notes of influence include The Black Keys, Sly and the Family Stone, Elliot Smith, Citizen Cope, Aloe Blacc, Gil Scott Heron, A Tribe Called Quest, and Brother Ali. 

Blue Bridge is co-signed by highly-regarded indie hip hop head and fellow Minneapolis native, Medium Zach of Big Quarters, who also mixed and mastered the record. Jazz pianist and Hip Hop Producer Javi Santiago(who has most recently worked with Minneapolis rapper Greg Grease) also lends his production talents on three of the songs. 

With percussion that rings like the last bit of change jangling around in your pocket, and bass heavier than Baby Huey, Blue Bridge is like a tight rope in which Sehaj is able to balance between being heavy hearted and light footed. Before the death of anyone’s evening Blue Bridge is well worth more than one listen.




Sophia Eris:

Founding member of GRRRL PRTY.  GRRRL PRTY is a celebration of femininity and unsheathed swagger featuring three of the most innovative voices in hip-hop this decade. The spitfire poetess Sophia Eris, percussive hellion Manchita , and southern rapstress Lizzo defy ideals and create an undeniable gritty, unapologetic sound.  GRRRL PRTY delivers a sizzling live show. GRRRL PRTY is infectious and leaves listeners feverish for more. You're invited to GRRRL PRTY. Get it.