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Marquis (ScooterBoi) Hunt is a 27 year old rapper, songwriter, performer, promoter, and artist in the state of Minnesota. Marquis Jamal Hunt was born on January 26, 1988 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The young musician resided in Wisconsin for seven years with his two older sisters and mother. His mother Vickey Hunt has always been his number one fan and the one that raised the rapper on her own. In 1995, Vickey Hunt moved her and her son to Minnesota to escape an abusive relationship and to make a better life for her family. Deep down the family was dealing with Vickey’s addiction to drugs which caused them to have a hard time the first four years living in Minnesota. Because of the hard times the two were dealing with ScooterBoi had to go live with his sisters for a bit. Vickey Hunt then made the decision to get clean and has stayed clean since.

In school ScooterBoi had no problems making friends and settling in. The young musician made fast friends and was liked by all his peers. ScooterBoi found his love for music in the summer before the last year of high school. Music became a fast friend to the artist and shortly after he realized that music was no longer a hobby, but a lifestyle. The artist had his eyes on college and a future in music, but in the summer of 2005, the rapper was shot 3 times while visiting a friend in Minneapolis. The musician was down, but did not let that stop him. After applying to a few art colleges the artist thought that he was finally on his way. Just when his world started looking up he got news that would change his life forever. In the summer of 2006 his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. College was now out of the question and the musician went back to focusing on music and taking care of his mother.

In 2006, Marquis (ScooterBoi) Hunt dropped his first mix tape “Rookie of the year” volume one. The support from the streets was huge. Rapping was now a way of life for this young artist. After graduating from Hopkins High school in 2006 the rapper went on to drop his second mix tape named (MVP) “Most Valuable Punch Lines” volume two. During this time the artist was working with 360 Entertainment. With them ScooterBoi was not only booking shows, but was also learning the music business from the best in Minnesota. After connecting with a new rap group in 2008 the artist received a phone call that he had been waiting for. He was informed that he would be heading to Colorado to open for worldwide recording artist Chingy. February of 2008 the group was supposed to sign a demo deal and record music, but things with the group went south and once again ScooterBoi’s world was falling apart.

After returning home from another dead end, the musician went back to work on his music and dropped his third mixtape in 2009 entitled “Hall of Fame” volume three. This mixtape also had a great response from the streets of Minnesota. The next step in the artist’s life was setting up a teen night club in Hopkins, Minnesota. ScooterBoi put together a night club for the teens of Hopkins and entitled the club, Club Exotic. The club would happen one Saturday a month and went on for over a year. It was a safe place for the teens of Hopkins to feel comfortable and listen to new music from their peers. The musician started looking towards the future with even more plans in business.

During this tough year ScooterBoi was already having, he also lost a good friend and a great producer, Dj Reflexx to a tragic accident. The artist was at a cross road in his career and no one knew what would happen next. The artist decided to go on and as 2010 approached the rapper was becoming a huge name in the Minneapolis club and bar scene. In early February, 2010 the artist dropped his fourth and best mixtape to date entitled “Are you sick of me yet”. This was becoming a big year for the artist not only with his mixtape, but also having his leaked song Overload get over 2,000+ downloads and views.

ScooterBoi then had set forth a business plan and his company Flight Academy was formed. This company would not only focus on artists in Minnesota, but would also carry a clothing line and other products. It was a great year for shows as well. The artist did over 60 shows at the year’s end and showed no signs of letting up on performing in 2011. 2011 is when Flight Academy started to take off and the name changed to Flight Academy Entertainment. The steps were in place for this company to become an LLC in early spring of 2011. Marquis (ScooterBoi) Hunt released his first debut album entitled “Who Cares What You Think” fall of 2011 and his smash hit single “Johnnie BravHo” was released in June 2011.

2012-2013 ScooterBoi was touring around the Midwest hitting states such as Wisconsin, Chicago, and Iowa. Following the release of his hit single and video "Faded" off his Ep #FKNC that was released early 2014, he teamed up with a Music group SomuchNoize Ent., but unfortunately things didn't fit well for ScooterBoi.

2014 ScooterBoi was scouted out by one of Minnesota's top A&R's, Victor Archibong who owns TeamBnt Music Group and Basement Entertainment Music. Victor was known for developing artists, creating stars, and bringing labels interest to them. The meeting was set up late December 2014 and ScooterBoi signed a 2 year management deal with TeamBnt Music Group. In the beginning of 2015 he began shooting his new video "Higher Learning" which produced 6,000+ views in the first month. This year ScooterBoi has also done a sold out show at a Minneapolis venue called Mill City Nights where he performed with special guests and vine celebrity Domo Wilson.

ScooterBoi is ready for the future with new management and a strong vision. He has branded himself to be a powerhouse through trials and tribulations, which has made him who he is today. He is humble with life, art, and music. The possibilities are endless for this talented artist and the world will soon know the power of his music and art.