$5 at the door

10pm doors/10:30pm showtime





CHUB is enjoyed by people who love the art of repition and circuit bending. It is greatly accepted by "drum and bass" as well as ambient" fans. With a influence of dub, glitch, jazz and goofy noises, Chub is everything Dan Chizek loves about beats. It has been considered one big, fat guy dance party.  Members include Chizek - BEats/noise,  AndyMArk-  Drums/noise, BMan - Bass.






Electronic jazz trio DKO (Jon Davis-bass & reeds,  John Keston-keyboards & electronics, Graham O’Brien-drums) have long maintained a quiet, confident presence on the Twin Cities music scene. The trio improvise captivating compositions (sometimes from scratch, sometimes utilizing visual or textual "scores") that push the boundaries of their collective musical imagination. Each player in DKO has distinguished themselves on their respective instruments, mastering a variety of styles and working with a multitude of well-known artists. It is in the open water of freely constructed composition, however, that Davis, Keston and O’Brien are at their best as musicians. Whether receiving their coordinates from screen or text, or simply following their hardwired improvisational instincts, DKO never forget to bring the deeply evolved grooves and sublime modalism that is their signature.