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10:30pm doors/11pm showtime



A Piano In Every Home:

It’s not so much a sound as it is an essence; there is no need to be able to distinguish it before you can trust it. A Piano in Every Home’s second album North American Review is a collection that captures a poignant picture of the beauty and pain that comes with growing up. Written in the space and time reserved for examination, these eight tracks were coaxed from their bated origins with a delicate confidence and trial and error.

What started out as a duo of Travis Erickson, on guitar and vocals, and Jacob Pavek on piano, the two childhood friends incorporated the doctrine of their live show into North American Review, which includes Jake Wallenius on drums and Mark Newcome Kartarik on bass. The quartet transformed the wide-eyed tunes into a full-grown collation.

The lead track “April,” Kara Laudon [John Mark Nelson, Kara Laudon] accompanies on vocals and Leah Ottman [LOTT, We Are the Willows] contributes violin. “April” best represents the band’s new direction, a solid and barefaced grasp of the connection in true personal relationships. Other tracks such as “Anchorage” and “Seasick in Ohio” show the maturation in Erickson’s songwriting, allowing the music to live outside of the lyrics.

Within North American Review any of the songs could fall within the listener’s favorite, depending on the moment and whether you are residing in your head or your heart. Throughout the album, the stories move between a sense of urgency and resolve, while seeking a tranquil balance. With music as their medium, A Piano In Every Home has woven their life experiences into the fabric of their work, something that was not as apparent five years ago. This is a group that is merely beginning to figure out that there are no boundaries in music and life.





Chris Koza:

Chris Koza writes lyrics and songs that drift in through the ears then circulates throughout the body like a melody bonded to oxygen. He has toured the country and shared the stage with many amazing and notable artists such as Brandi Carlile, Neko Case, Ingrid Michaelson, The Jayhawks, Stephen Kellogg, Tift Merritt, Field Report, and others. Chris's music has appeared internationally on dozens of television and cable network programs, short films, documentaries, and feature films. When not on tour, he resides in Minneapolis, MN where you may find him dragging the lakes for forgotten treasure and refining an unstoppable left-handed hook shot.