4:30pm doors/5pm showtime





Anonymous Choir:

We recorded a selection of STAX songs with the Ventures Cover Band back in May and we will finally be releasing it on cassette! We'll be performing these songs and a special tribute to Irma Thomas with the Ventures Cover Band //

It's a Valentine's Day Matinee!  We sing covers of your favorite songs. We sing because we love to.

The group says: Born in a winter. We sing our favorite songs. to spend good time. to be together. to remember there is life outside of our nests. because it is the best thing to do.

Anonymous Choir is
Nona Invie - lead vocal, piano

Rebeccah Berry
Marianne Sophia Bird
Chris Chookiatsirichai
Rachel Corradi
Emily Dantuma
Sarah Dixon
Alyssa Hill
Annika Kaplan
Julie O'Connell
Rosa Oesterrich
Erin Lynn Smith
Emily Temte
Kathryn Woodling
Lucy W. Woods