$5 in advance/$8 at the door

9:30pm doors/10pm showtime


Hosted by Mica & P








As Psymun, producer Simon Christensen has stealthily created a sprawling, instrumental dream world. Anchored in unadorned beats and eerie samples, his instrumentation flickers, flows and flips on itself. Although Psymun is known by many as a collaborator, his production stands out on its own, as exhibited on his solo EP, Pink Label, an 8-song collection of shifting moods and many colors, but throughout, a consistently beautiful and expansive project. Psymun is 1/4 of thestand4rd.





Kwey is a 23 year old Ghanian-American producer and multi-instrumentalist out of Minneapolis. Being exposed to soulful, timeless music at a young age to the likes of Grover Washington Jr., Sade, Kenny G, Snoop Dogg and Ghanaian music, Kwey began playing drums for his church at just five years old.

Born in Dallas, TX and raised in Minnesota, Kwey moved to Ghana for junior high school. It was during this time he was first introduced to music production. He returned to Minneapolis to finish high school as he started composing beats for friends all the while evolving his own process and style.

His unmistakable sound has made him one of the more highly anticipated artists in the beat scene without having an official release to date. Kwey’s beat sketch “Turquoise” was featured and co-signed in Complexion’s radio show mix 084 for Future Beats Records in the UK.

Shortly after, his Jay Rock “Money Trees Deuce” remix collaboration with su na premiered via Okayplayer. He soon found himself opening for Gravez of HW&W Recordings – demonstrating his towering presence and ability to control a crowd.

Kwey is a genre-killer with neck snapping drums, natural grooves, melodic hooks and sweeping chord progressions. 





Spencer Joles:

Originally just a guitar player, I'm now working on a bunch of different genres for the sake of experimenting and hopefully creating music that can be enjoyed by people with music tastes all along the genre spectrum.






Influenced by the music she grew up with,especially female artists. Loves bringing people together by creating a high energy atmosphere with dope remixes and throwback jams!