$5 at the door





If you need to get the taste of Thanksgiving politics out of your mouth then come to ICEHOUSE. Spend time with your second family and listen to Keith Millions and That Dude Trey play music all night long. 

We'll also have a feature performance from Moncelas Boston so you know the energy will be up Up UP! Burn some calories with us Thanksgiving night.




Keith Millions:

Keith Millions is new kid on the block. He's not just a party DJ he's a party curator. You may know him from the popular dance party NIGHTCHAIN. Keith prefers to focus on blends while keeping the crowd on its toes with his distinct mash-up style of DJing. He pulls from an extensive knowledge dance and genres to create a soundscape that is unique and hard to resist. 




That Dude Trey:






Moncelas Boston: