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Adrift is the third album from Minneapolis quartet, Greycoats. It continues the historical and mythological narrative of their previous releases: the moody, dystopian WWI imagery of Setting Fire to the Great Unknown (2008) and the hubris and pomp of the1939 World’s Fair on World of Tomorrow (2013). Adrift takes the listener from the starting line of the space race to the launching of the Voyager probes. One could say the band beat their guitars into synthesizers, or one could simply say they surrendered to the night. Their lunar voyage finds hunters and wanderers chasing messianic visions beyond the boundaries of certainty—where envy, confusion and madness await. 






Wingman is an alternative rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Birthed out of the common love for music that comes naturally, members Con Davison and Dan Stewart met while playing as the rhythm section for another Minneapolis band. Despite the success of that project, and their love of being sonic support, Davison and Stewart felt an urge to put their energies towards a sound that was totally their own.

Starting with a collection of songs written by Con over years prior to moving to Minneapolis, the duo began working to refine those tunes, and through that process, a knack for collaboration became clear. After a year of writing sessions, and countless demos in 2015, a new sound was formed and Wingman’s debut record, Honcho, took shape.

Wingman recruited the skills of Brett Bullion (Bad Bad Hats, John Mark Nelson) to mix their self-engineered album, and Huntley Miller (Bon Iver, Low) for the master.

Spanning a wide range of sound, Wingman is at once pop sensible and melancholy; both driving and laid back. Their debut record is full of challenging content delivered by big guitars and infectious melody.

Honcho was released on June 10th 2016