$8 in advance/$10 at the door

9pm doors/9:30pm showtime



Featuring spoken word artist Magdalena Kaluza as the MC for the evening.








Teresa Ortiz:

I am a native of Mexico and an immigrant to Minnesota; a writer, a mother and an educator. I consider myself a very spiritual person who is inspired by life, nature, the earth and the people I love. My poems are personal, descriptive, collective and political; they aim to describe our identity, the land where we live and the lives that have touched my own. I write in Spanish and in English because I want to honor the language of my ancestors and the languages of my children. I am a member of Palabristas Latino Spoken Word Collective.






Maria Isa is a singer, songwriter, actor, rapper, activist and international recording artist born in Minnesota to NuyoRican parents. Raised in St. Paul’s West Side, Maria soaked in Latin American culture and channeled it into performing arts and activism. Her first foray into performance was with El Arco Iris Center for the Arts program in St. Paul where she quickly transformed from student to teacher as she honed her craft at an early age. At age 15, Maria formed the AfroLatino ensemble Raices, whose mission was to conserve ancestral Puerto Rican heritage through folkloric music and dance. Along with the formation of Raices, Maria co-founded the Sota Rico, LLC, which has served as a launch to help develop, promote and represent Midwest Latino Hip Hop.

Currently, Maria is a writer for the Star Tribune’s Voices column, and was recently the only performing artist featured in Chicago’s Latin Fashion Week and the New York City Viva Latino Film Fest. Whether it’s impressing an audience with her passionate vocals, attitude infused raps, virtuoso percussion work, or astute sociopolitical commentary, Maria continues to leave her mark.






Yaleb Villalobos:

Yaleb Villalobos - MEXIKAN TEKNO MAFIA (MTM) / O S C U R - Minneapolis, USA

Inspired by the sounds of deep and acid techno of the late 90's, Yaleb Villalobos is one of the fastest up and comers in the Minneapolis techno scene. Known as one of the MTM pioneers in only a few short years he has shared the bill the likes of DJ ESP Woody McBride, Joy Beltram, DVS1, Tony Rohr (New York), Dustin Zahn (Enemy Records).

Home to some of the most infamous rave parties in the mid and late '90, DJ's and promoters such as Woody McBride, Zak khutoretsky aka DVS1 (Hush Productions), one person took particular interest in this budding talent. Head of the Eccentric Beats promotion company and former editor of 365 Magazine (UK), Phil Martinez offered Yaleb the opportunity to play at one of his residencies in Minneapolis. Here Yaleb was able to blend his Latin roots with music ranging from House, to techno. 





Duende(featuring CHICO CHAVEZ):

Chico Chavez is a master percussionist, drummer, music director, and visual artist born in the well-known artistic neighborhood of Monserrat "Cuartel Primero" in Lima, Peru.

Since childhood, Chavez studied a wide variety of rhythms, musical styles, and percussion instruments. His creative and innovative techniques are the result of thirty years of study with master Afro-Peruvian musicians fused with his own experiences and performances. Chavez’ dedication in learning and exploring music roots and world rhythms are reflected in his unique sound.

Since 2003, Chavez has performed with multiple local artists and bands; has formed several emsembles and music groups that include: Salsabrosa (2005); Batak Tribe (2008); Manguito (2010); Jazz de la Luna (2011); Guayaba (2013); Duende (2016); and has mentored many emerging artists in the Twin Cities.

Duende is a unique experimental music project, founded by master percussionist Chico Chavez from Lima, Peru, that fuses world beats with several musical languages that include Afro-Latin, Spanish Gypsy Rumba, and Jazz, and features the beauty and versatility of the cajón accompanied by strings.

The cajón is a wooden box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, played by slapping the front or rear surfaces with the hands and fingers. Today, the cajón is performed in many traditional and contemporary musical genres from around the world.






Jorge Astorga – Sonidero Psicotropical:

Sonidero Psicotropical emerges in the Minneapolis electro-cumbia scene in 2013 with sax player and DJ Jorge Astorga, aka “Tinman.” Jorge has performed sax in various local venues with the Skaliticians KBAP, and has backed up numerous artists as a DJ. His musical experience begins in Mexico when he founded the band La Mancha Social Revel Souls.





Angela Citlali Vance:

Born and raised in South Chicago and Mexico City, AngelaCitlali is a soulful performer, Xicana Singer/Songwriter, pianist and vocalist whose songs are highlighted by a mix of Afro-Latin rhythms, punk energy, soulful vocals, and empowering lyrics. Largely influenced by her grandfather’s musicianship and her Xicana Chicagoan upbringing, Citlalicontinues to present an authentic message highlighting socially conscious themes throughout her unique and vivid artistry.




Ivan Sanchez Martinez:

Autor e intérprete nacido en Quebrantadero Morelos México. A los siete años su  padre le enseña a tocar el piano. Desde muy temprana edad, gracias a el, coge ungran amor hacia la música. Canto y participó con el coro de su Pueblo natal a la edad de 8 años. A los 11 años de edadsu padre le regala su primer guitarrainstrumento del cualse enamora y práctica a diario. Participa en todos los grupos musicales de secundaria y preparatoria. En 1998 ingresó a la escuela superior de educación física de la cualse gradúa pero un año después decide emigrar a los EstadosUnidos en el año 2003. Años más tarde por cuestiones de la vida se refugia en la música para expresar muchas cosasque había traído dentro y comienza a escribir baladas perotambién temas de carácter social. En 2012 uno de sus  temas se logra colocar en tercer lugar a nivel nacional en una de las radiodifusoras más populares del país de músicaregional mexicanaActualmente esta trabajando en grabarsu primer disco.