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9:30pm doors/10pm showtime








Celica is a two-piece leftfield noise-dance combo from Minneapolis, MN. Composed of multi-instrumentalists Charlie Garetz (ex Seated-Heat) and Sho Nikaido (ex-Mute Era and ex-Sweet JAP), Celica mine a territory suspended somewhere between classic European Kraut/postpunk/new wave's naive fixation with technological correctness and foursquare rhythms, and contemporary post-indie xxx-wave's reverb drenched between-the-quotation-marks hypnagogic rock. The first album, 2014’s "Bouquet 4 The Sunset U’ve Never Seen" was essentially a Nikaido solo album, and linked the improvisatory splatter of Mooney-era Can with the vaporous contemporary psych of Ducktails or Ariel Pink, via the warts-and-all wabi-sabi of Vincent Gallo and 90s DIY lo-fi. By contrast, the present iteration of Celica is aggressively danceable, with Garetz’ fiery jazz-flavored yet minimal new wave rhythms shaking out previous introspection in favor of a kind of no-wave remake of Italo disco; kinda like Suicide covering Giorgio Moroder, with PIL-era John Lydon wailing murderously over the top. No matter what form they take, make no mistake, this Celica is not your parents' 1990 grocery getter, but rather it's the 1973 Ford Mustang's lighter, more fuel-efficient Japanese cousin: the car that, had your mom and dad been cool enough to drive it, they would have had to sell anyway for diaper money when your lousy ingrate ass was born. So say thanks to them by shaking that behind to the soundtrack Celica so graciously provides. Get it while it's hot.






Erica Krumm and Jim Kolles have both played in numerous Minneapolis bands over the years, but had never actually been in a band together until they started Oaks in the fall of 2010. 

Beginning as a casual side project, Oaks quickly turned into something more as the couple realized how well they worked together creatively.

 Oak’s sound is dark, heavy, fuzzed out rock, comprised of guitar, bass, and drum machine. The band released a five song cassette in 2011, and in 2013, Oaks put out Field Beat, a six song EP, on Jim’s label, Ass Records. Their first full length record will be released in August by Minneapolis record label, Modern Radio following a west coast tour.





Hollow Boys:

Hollow Boys is a Minneapolis gloom pop trio that currently consists of Ali Jaafar (guitar/vocals), Monica Coleslaw (bass/vocals), and Patrick McCabe (drums). The band's most recent full-length release, Believe In Nothing, is the result of a bitter winter that spurred the melancholy and snarl of music akin to Creation and Rough Trade Records in the 80s, steeped in film noir and twisted foreign horror flicks. It’s the sound of being cut off from the outside world and left alone with your worst thoughts and feelings. It’s about coming to accept the meaninglessness of life and the void that follows death. Unfortunately, there's more where that came from.






DJ Tom(of Modern Radio):

Modern Radio is an independent and DIY record label based out of Minnesota. The label was founded in the Spring of 1999 by Tom Loftus to document a growing community of artists in the Twin Cities area. Peter Mielech began helping with the label and became a partner officially in 2005.

The focus of the label is to support the artists and provide an atmosphere where they can focus on their craft. We are following in a long tradition of artist-oriented independent record labels where profits are secondary to the creative process. Ultimately we are simply music fans who want to share the music we love.

Historically, the majority of the artists we’ve worked with have been based out of the Twin Cities. We are proud of the place we live and to be part of such a vibrant arts community. However, we have never limited our scope to the Twin Cities or a particular genre of music.