$7 in advance/$8 at the door

10:30pm doors/11pm showtime



Red Daughters:

“We just recently returned from a two week stay in Big Sur, California where we wandered the forest with a bunch of stoned out folk and worked on new material,” is the explanation for why I couldn’t find much info on Red Daughters’ Myspace about their new album.
Sounds like something my friends who are into jam bands would say, but Red Daughters are serving up some ballsy countrified rock-and-roll true to the Minnesota soil that bred Dylan. And, truth be told, I do prefer my bands wandering out in the woods rather than updating their Myspace. The debut album, Ugly Horses, is due out August 8th. -The Tripwire -


Boozy and woozy late night country rock meant for smoky bars and bong ripping buddies, local quintet Red Daughters drop their debut album tonight at the 331 Club. The type of band that makes joint trips to Big Sur to "lose ourselves and write some tunes," the group's hit upon a hazy winning formula as evidenced by the strength of songs like "Old Time Gold," an organ soaked song that approximates the Band in all its down home goodness. 


I suggest you catch these dudes in town while you still can. They seem the type that would split to the woods for the weekend and never come back..

Regardless the twangy, organ-heavy jams are a breath of fresh air in Minnesota where it seems the forecast is heavy on the hip-hop, 80’s synth-pop and dork-folk. Red Daughters fit the bill to catch waves on The Current but would also fit nicely in the middle of KQRS airplay.

“Red Daughters are serving up some ballsy countrified rock-and-roll true to the Minnesota soil that bred Dylan.” -Tripwire

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Tabah is a five piece electric ensemble from Minneapolis that began in 2013. Their current line-up has been playing since September of last year. Their debut album, 'Time Will Come,' was recorded at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN and Brewhouse Studios in Minneapolis. It will be released this summer through Aesthetic Vagabond Records as the label's first issue. The music represents the unique, aggressive, and difficult experience of the band's first years of development. The songs cross various styles and push to represent music organically and with honesty.