$10 suggested donation

9pm doors/9:30pm showtime



All proceeds go the St. Paul Love Project, a non-profit organization created by Ryan Ogle.



The Legacy of Love is a tribute show for the late Ryan Ogle, a wonderful person and talented producer who lost his life earlier this year. The show is a fundraiser for the St. Paul Love Project, a non-profit organization that was founded by Ryan; which has since been taken over by those who support the dreams and have chosen to continue the legacy he left behind. The St. Paul Love Project’s mission is simple: get people involved in music and art who wouldn't necessarily be financially capable of doing so themselves. This is a celebration of a beautiful life and is the opportunity for people like you to touch the lives of those around you, as we are all still here to enjoy the blessing of life.



deM atlaS:

Since signing to indie heavyweight Rhymesayers Entertainment in late 2013, deM atlaS hasn't wasted any time in spreading his brand of Hip-Hop music across the world. Steadily on the road since his signing, he was able to find the time to release his unofficial debut, DWNR, in late 2014. DWNR was a special release because each cover was uniquely hand-drawn by deM atlaS himself. Released to critical acclaim, the first pressing of over 1000 copies sold out within 48 hours. 

"DWNR, his grunge-influenced Rhymesayers debut, is deeply melancholy, and splits the difference on 'depressed' and 'party mode'" -Pitchfork

deM followed the release of DWNR with major festival plays around the country, and supporting label mates Atmosphere on the "North of Hell", "Welcome to FL" & "Fortunate Tours".  

After taking a break in France to record an album with french super group Ursus Minor, deM is gearing up to release his second EP in the fall of 2015.



Carnage the Executioner:

Terrell Woods A.K.A. Carnage The Executioner is a Hip-Hop artist widely recognized for his mind-numbing lyrical dexterity and uncanny ability to compose musical symphonies with his mouth through human beat boxing. His unwavering work ethic, warm personality and kind heart have earned him the respect of many of Independent and commercial music’s most reputable artists. Carnage’s mouth has been called “The best drummer in town”, in reference to his beat boxing skills.

When it is time to perform live shows, Carnage sometimes exercises the choice of carrying on Oldschool Hip-Hop tradition by performing with a DJ on two turntables. By himself, Carnage comes fully armed: two microphones, a pedal board housing a Boss RC-20 Loop Station, a Digitech Vocal Effects Processor, MXR Bass Octave & Boss DS-1 Distortion pedals. He can also be seen with a small case of percussion instruments – all utilized as enhancements to his boundless energy and a commanding stage presence. He then does exactly what his name implies: not only does he “Kill it”, but he “Executes it”! Beat boxing, as people know it, is transformed into an amazing, interactive experience as Carnage constructs complex multi-layered sounds capes from the ground up with breath-taking accuracy. However, he does not stop there – he proceeds to rap, harmonize and vocal-scratch over his backdrops with intensity and showmanship that is difficult to put into words…So it must be witnessed first-hand! Carnage’s original material speaks for itself. Nevertheless, his ability to cover songs, as only bands with multiple vocalists are able to do makes Carnage a one-man jukebox and total entertainment package! Upon request, Carnage also performs with a live band – The Last Band Standin’.

Carnage teaches both private and group beat boxing lessons to youth in community and school settings, extensively covering the fundamentals of beat boxing while adding in components of basic rhyme/rap-writing structure. Carnage is a catalyst in the development of creative and positive modes of self-expression that strengthen strong leadership skills.