9:30pm doors/10pm showtime



The 9/16s:

The 9/16s share the same birthday.  So they formed a band to play their own birthday party each year. They learn whatever songs they think would be awesome to perform together at their birthday party.  Kinda like taking their own requests.  Songs they always wanted to play, but never had a chance. Well, now they can, BECAUSE IT'S THEIR FREAKING BIRTHDAY, BITCHES.  And as is their tradition, they are joined by their good friend and healer, the midi shaman himself, Kale Kokopelli, who will kick off the night with a feather keytar shredding / cleansing ritual to prepare the 9/16s (and Icehouse) for another year (fingers crossed, knock on wood, god willing). And then the party blazes on with reggae jams from very special guests, The Non-Prophets. Too much fun for one night.  9/16s Play at 10:30. 

The 9/16s are:

Jeremy Ylvisaker (Alpha Consumer, Andrew Bird, Cloak Ox, etc)

Janey Winterbauer (Astronaut Wife, The Suburbs, Wits Orchestra)

Trent Norton (Honeydogs, Hookers $ Blow)

Matt Darling (Hookers $ Blow)

James Everest (Warey, Roma di Luna, Lateduster, Sensational Joint Chiefs)

Richard Medek (Twinkie Jiggles Broken Orchestra, Wits Orchestra)