Jourdan Myers:

Minneapolis singer/songwriter Jourdan Myers released her latest album, Ruin Me With Love, in September 2014, which was recently nominated for “Best Producer” in the 2014 Independent Music Awards. The collection of songs centers around the universal theme of human longing, and her live-show compels listeners to experience this intense depth of emotion captured in her performance both lyrically and melodically.

Good music has the ability to cross musical boundaries. Great music doesn’t even acknowledge that the boundaries exist in the first place. By that definition, Ruin Me With Love is a great album as it flits between avant-garde pop, contemporary folk, soul and a scattergun blast of other genres. Through its 12 tracks it manages to mix an alternative, arty feel with enough commerciality to make it widely accessible to pop fans, music geeks and hipsters all at the same time, never bowing down to one over the other and creating memorable music along the way.” – Dancing About Architecture