$8 in advance/$10 at the door

10pm doors/10:30pm showtime



Homeless & Big Cats:

Homeless (Ryan Kopperud) is a poet, writer, and rapper born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kopperud began his career in performing and writing, by competing in Austin, Texas with the Minneapolis Poetry Slam Team in 2006, at just the age of 19. Performance poetry naturally evolved into writing and performing hip hop in the Twin Cities, ever since.

Big Cats (Spencer Wirth-Davis) is a composer, musician and producer hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Wirth-Davis makes instrumental hip hop that draws from a wide range of musical influences including classical, hip hop and jazz. His work is melancholy, multi-layered and cinematic; a definite stylistic departure from the standard hip hop sound.



Aside from the accolades and the impressive list of talent that MaLLy has performed alongside with, the secret to MaLLy is his persona as an artist. Influenced by such artists as Joe Budden, Stevie Wonder, and Skyzoo, MaLLy has a penchant for writing rhymes that are accessible to a wide array of audiences. Within the blink of an eye, he can showcase his fury as a hungry artist with his very authoritative and direct style, and then can flip that to help bring him back down to earth as a man who is striving to do better for himself and his craft. Add to that an arsenal of expansive vocabulary, similes, and metaphors, and what you have with MaLLy is an artist who doesn't have to compromise his integrity or personality to make bodies of work that speak to everyone.


Chantz Erolin & Tony the Scribe:

Chantz combines the poetic sensibility of Crescent Moon with the down-to-earth humor of Slug with the politics of I Self Devine.
Tony spins lyrical webs equal parts sophistication and ignorance, sharply defining his topics then deconstructing them to unrecognizable poetic forms. Heavily influenced by the verbose stylings of Midwestern Hip-Hop, Tony is capable of switching from emotional storytelling to rapid fire braggadocio at whiplash- inducing speeds.


Last Word:

1/4 of the legendary Get Cryphy crew.