Featuring: Marty Dosh, Mike Lewis, James Buckley, JT Bates



T Collective:

T collective started as a curiosity. There were several groups in Minneapolis performing what we called live instrument electronic music, meaning we were performing electronic based sounding music, that typically is mostly made on studio equipment and computers. Two groups in the early 2000's that were doing this, that shared members and friends where Suki Takahashi and Poor Line Condition.  Several friends in these groups had a desire to collaborate, and try to make something new outside of their current bands. The desire for that same sound was still there though. Through a shared love of jazz and improvised music,  and of course this studio-based electronic music we all were interested in, the formula for T collective came about. 

Not sure exactly how the name was settled on. At the time I was very involved with Tim Glenn and JT in various projects.  JT at the time was curating a series at the turf club called jazz implosion. He would invite my group at the time, Poor Line Condition, to perform at the series. After a while we extended the series and started to do a second night, featuring this new idea of studio-based electronic music being performed with live instruments live, sometimes actually incorporating some of these electronic music producer tools, such as computer programs, keyboards, drum machines, sequencers, etc, in addition to acoustic and stringed instruments...  In 2003 another opportunity arose at the Dinkytowner to curate some of these events. 

The pool of guys that we pulled from consisted mostly of musicians already involved with or influenced by electronic music. In 2013, the series was brought back as a grouping of short miniseries' that are still happening seasonally at Icehouse.  Again, still including people and musicians who already had an interest or involvement and bringing the electronic music vibe to their music, using it as a main part of their pallets, creating the sound that is labeled T Collective.  

Past and present members are best listed by band name, including Fog, Polica, Lateduster, Halloween, Alaska, Poor Line Condition, Suki Takahashi, Vertiform, Auto Pilota, Ourmine, Mel Gibson & the Pants, Keston & Westdal, and many others...