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10:30pm doors/11pm showtime


Magneto Effect:

mag·ne·to ef·fect [mag-nee-toh ih-fekt]: Any one of a number of phenomena in which an electromagnetic wave propagates through a medium that has been altered by the presence of a quasi-static magnetic field.

Magneto Effect is an original, alternative, rock band based in Minneapolis. Formed in 2012, it has been said that their music is reminiscent of Radiohead, Muse, Interpol and The Smashing Pumpkins. Their first EP, Nothing, will be released in the fall of 2013 alongside their 2nd music video, Kaboom, directed by Justin Staggs (Foo Fighter, NOFX, Soviettes, Meslamatics). Their first video, Pretty Little Ball, was presented at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival alongside videos from Bon Iver and Poliça.

Magneto Effect is the brain child of Jeph Joolik, who, in looking for an outlet for his songs, started to work with local producer/engineer/drummer, David J. Russ. Enlisting the occasional help of notable musicians, Mark Messina (drums), Tom Perterson (fretless bass), Randy Casey (dobro), and Jeremy Ylvisaker (guitar, keys and bass), Jeph began producing his EP project in earnest.

After the album started to take shape, the next logical step was to assemble a band. First to join with Jeph was Sam Rhode, an extremely talented guitarist with a broad range of playing styles, from death metal to folk. Jeph saw Sam as a perfect fit and a player who could swiftly adapt to the eclectic styles of the songs on the EP so far.

Jeph then called upon lifelong friends and former bandmates, Bob Johnston (drums), and Chip Barber (bass). Both have a long history with Jeph dating back to their high school days and each talented song writers and producers in their own right.

To make Magneto Effect complete, Jeph asked his oldest friend and longtime collaborator, Michael Shephard, to play keys and share the lead vocal responsibilities. Michael brings his trusted perspective to round out the Magneto Effect sound.



The Splendid End:

Guy Low – Bass, Guitar, Keys; Sam Ridenour – Drums, Percussion; Darren Harff – Guitar.

Fusing elements of British Invasion with drops of punk, poetry, and cabaret, The Splendid End delivers dramatic music of considerable emotional range and power. 

Now after two years of stage seasoning, the sound and vibe of the band have coalesced, and the debut album has been released. Demonstration Suite is a 13-song chronicle of empathy and excess, 45 minutes of solid rock, designed to please.