$10 at the door

9:30pm showtime



Body mEmOri:

Lush topographies of sound rooted in African diasporic memory and textures of natural and dream worlds. Structural investigations of social and ecological quandaries. Cycles of words and wordlessness. Inspired by the Yoruba concept of the human being consisting of three elements - the ara - the physical body, the emi the life force, and the ori - the spiritual head/guidance within each of us.  Body mEmOri works in both structured and free improvisation to open imagination spaces and build interconnection with wisdoms of ancestry and the forces of nature.  Led by vocalist Mankwe Ndosi with the fierce sonic genius of internationally recognized composer/improviser/band leaders Tomeka Reid and Davu Seru, the worlds of string, text, percussion and voice transport us through time and universes both cosmic and intimate.


Mankwe Ndosi - vocals and percussion

Mankwe Ndosi is celebrated for a sound and practice that spans genres and disciplines: celebrating influences from Jazz and African legacies, Hip Hop and Soul, performance art, theater, public art and improvisation. A long-time creative associate of Chicago-based AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians), Mankwe has spent years exploring improvisational and creative music making at the intersections of modern creative and avant-garde Jazz. 


Tomeka Reid - cello

A stalwart of the Chicago jazz and creative music scene, cellist, composer, improvisor and
educator, Tomeka Reid is one of the most recognizable voices to emerge over the past 10
years. A sought after musician, nationally and abroad, Reid seeks new ways to expand her
musical palette and knowledge base to include a variety of musical styles and performance
techniques. Reid's most recent commission will be performed at the 2015 Hyde Park Jazz Festival.


Davu Seru - drums, percussion and text

Saint Paul-based drummer/percussionist Davu Seru performs internationally as a jazz and improvising musician. His style is most-striking for its attending to the dynamics of sound, silence and melody as much as it does rhythmic pattern.