Haley Rydell and Nate Case met through a mutual friend, Henry Pollan, in October of 2004 at the University of Minnesota Duluth's Lake Superior Hall.  Case's dorm complex, affectionately known as the "Ghetto in the Sky," was home to the infant jam sessions among their freshman year hippie band, Noble Haze. The band saw minor success opening UMD's big spring concert for national giants, Guster, and the group soon let their newly found rock stardom go completely to their heads. 

As Noble Haze was dis-banding, and Rydell re-locating to Fargo/Moorhead, new musical endeavors were on the horizon. Case began playing off and on with a funk group known as Heavy J and the Fantastics as well as the indie rock quartet Dirty Horse, while Rydell met up with local Fargo friends and helped form the rowdy bluegrass pickin' Johnson Family band. 

Not too soon after, the travel bug came itching and Rydell moved out to Denver and formed the power folk duo, I'm With Her, with local songstress Angie Stevens, while Case remained in Duluth rocking out wildly.  It was in this Duluth lull period where Case met fellow country rocker Matt Donoghue, who would later become the Lowland Lakers bassist and most educated member. The attraction of being closer to home and yet not at the same time took hold for both Case and Rydell, who soon moved to the big city of Minneapolis and sparked the idea of a new band over some strong coffee and turkey sandwiches. Never forgetting that Donoghue had moved to town just months before, Case set out on a mission to lure him into the band, which ultimately proved successful.

Having played together casually over the whole course of their friendship, Nate Case and Haley Rydell are beginning to find their stride, and with the help of the solid low end and incredible harmonies of Matt Donoghue the band is now not only running full speed ahead but also spreading their wings and beginning to feel the air rush underneath. It's only a matter of time before they take flight, hopefully by then you won't need an introduction to fully understand where they are coming from.