10PM • NO COVER • 21+

A rebellious cadre of Twin Cities jazz and hip hop luminaries, Coloring Time is a musical accident waiting to happen, so to speak. Instrumentalists Casey O’Brien (bass), Graham O’Brien (drums), John Keston (keys), Robert Mulrennen (guitar) and Jon Davis (reeds) pave nebulous jazzways on which vocalist/MCs Joe Horton, Kristoff Krane and Adam Svec race headlong to rapture and epiphany. The group often reinforces its numbers with notable vocal and instrumental guests. Never the same show. Always an adventure!

Leah Ottman (LOTT)

LOTT is the solo project of Minneapolis musician Leah Ottman (We Are The Willows). The core inspiration for LOTT's compositions is the Romantic Period of classical music. The chordal structures, intervals, and melodies heard throughout her songs are reminiscent of those used by Antonin Dvorak, Alexander Borodin, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, French Impressionist composer, Maurice Ravel, and then condensed into pop songs. She explores the range on her violin by utilizing a looping pedal and similar techniques employed by looping violinist pioneers, Andrew Bird, Kishi Bashi, and Owen Pallet.

LOTT has been likened to a modern day torch singer of indie music - both in her lyrical themes and vocal styling. She has been greatly influenced by Patsy Cline's catalogue of songs about unrequited love and heartbreak.

Joey Van Phillips

Percussionist Joey Van Phillips brings his stylistically diverse background to live gigs, composition and session work. With a Bachelor of Music in percussion performance and a focus on Jazz and improvisation, Phillips applies classic training to contemporary genres including hip hop, rock and electronica.

On his path to becoming a professional musician, Phillips says the search to find his compositional voice was “fueled by the urge to make a new and meaningful contribution to an already-teeming modern music culture.” A third-generation drummer, Phillips was a child of the 80s who was greatly influenced by hip hop. His style was further molded by extensive training and performance in Jazz and improvising.

As a composer, Phillips has found an honest voice in the fusion of classical percussion and hip hop. His scores are by default rhythmically driven, yet melodic in concept. Using acoustic percussion instruments and voice he achieves a new, modern repertoire that is unique in sound and relevant to pop culture.

As a performer, Phillips plays with the accomplished contemporary musicians in the Twin Cities -- from the stages of First Avenue, multiple performances on NPR and studio work, to US tours and gigs overseas. The primary drummer for hip hop artist Dessa since 2010, he has co-written the percussion for her live ensembles, and recorded and toured extensively with the group. Along with Pitchfork-acclaimed Ryan Olcott and James Buckley, his band Mystery Palace [2005 - 2012] was recognized nationally for their electronic-pop featuring circuit-bent and malfunctioning synths.