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Nevāda Nevada might call its home Brooklyn, but this Americana art rock quartet has deep roots stemming from all over the country. With the varied landscape of America as their background, it was inevitable that their songs would evoke the same meditative output of long cross-country drives—full of mystery and cascading shadows accompanied by sharp slants of invigorating light. Each song tells a visceral story through haunting rhythms and jarring vocals, completely enveloping the listener in powerful, contemplative moods that are, at the same time, always welcoming and always adventurous.

Kathryn Musilek was born and raised in Nevada (pronounced nuh-vay-duh), Iowa. Her devotion to music began at the age of five with rigorous piano lessons and the internal drive of becoming a concert pianist. At sixteen, she took up the guitar and began writing her own music. By the time she was in hear early twenties, Musilek found herself performing piano, bass, guitar and keys in multiple bands of varying genres, including the singer/songwriter project Death Ships and an electro-pop band Skin Club.

Post-college, Musilek eventually settled in Brooklyn, filled with a pang of hunger for creating music and left with relatively no collaborative outlet. In this urban mecca of musicians, the only thing left for Musilek to do was seek out the like-minded ones. As a long-time friend of the pop outfit Poison Control Center, Musilek knew of fellow Iowan and drummer for PCCDavid Olson. His versatile talent and long-term similar experience would make him a perfect fit. She eventually met guitarist/bassist/baritone guitar player Andrew Gerhan, an Upstate New York native, through his performances and recordings with Adam Acaragi and the Lupine Chorale Society. Gerhan’s ear for crafting moody, contagious rhythms fit nicely alongside her fierce piano and guitar work. Violinist Daniel Baer (of Brooklyn’s rock/pop band La Strada) was invited on board, adding a sweeping melodic element to Nevāda Nevada’s completed soundscape. 

After several line-up changes, the four settled into their steady songwriting flow in August of 2014 and have since been garnering buzz in packed-out Brooklyn bars. Now in 2015, Nevāda Nevada is taking their fiery sound on the road across the Midwest in the Spring. The four will also be working on their first full-length Wild & Glowing in the Fall with Gerhan at the helm, who has recorded past albums with the likes of Spirit Family Reunion, Sonny & The Sunsets and These United States. 

“Blending noir folk, Americana, and art rock, the single is a dark, mysterious, yet catchy track that would be great for a Halloween party.” - The Revue


“The haunting track strikes with throwback familiarity - a multi-layered approach to it's instrumentation. There's a lot going on, and it sorta strikes me as the potential title theme for a non-existent indie-rock JAMES BOND film with a Shirley Bassey-vibe to the vocals.” - The Rock Father


“ ‘Anger Tango’ is a bold female-fronted roots/rock song, with visceral rhythms and swaggering vocals… [and] is immediately impressive on the ears both in sound and message. “I’ll see you when you fall…” warns Musilek. “Yes I’m angry, as I should be.” Hear hear.” - Audiofemme




Devata Daun:

Nichole Pfeifer, aka Devata Daun just released her debut Single, “I’ve Been Here Before”, off the upcoming LP that’s the brain child between her and Ryan Olcott(12 Rods/Mystery Palace). She was honored to have this Single aired on The Local Show and in the MN Daily in very recent events.  The track can be heard here:https://soundcloud.com/devata-daun/ive-been-here-before