Sans Le Systeme:

Sans Le Systeme started out as a studio-based project by JG Everest in 1999, when The Sensational Joint Chiefs took an extended break from performing. It began as a recording collaboration with Jeremy Ylvisaker, Martin Dosh, and Mark Erickson at Ylvisaker’s Greenhouse Studio. This new direction toward moody, atmospheric instrumental music and studio experimentation led to Everest forming Lateduster that same year, and the SLS project was put on hold, save for one track, “Wipes (thank you + goodbye)” which ended up on the CROSSFADED vol. 1 compilation in 2002. When Lateduster went on its own hiatus in 2003, Everest returned to the idea of recording these personal, lo-fi instrumental tracks and set about assembling a modest home studio where he could explore his ideas and lay them down to tape. 

Soon two albums began to take shape - a singer/songwriter record that would become Hush Money, and the instrumental electronic-tinged Sans Le Systeme songs. Hush Money was released first, in 2004, further delaying the SLS project, and work with Neotropic, Catalyst, and Walter Kitundu delayed it further. In 2006, Everest finally wrapped up the SLS recording, also completed with long-time collaborator Ben Durrant (Roma di Luna) at his Crazy Beast Studio. (DOSH, FOG, LATEDUSTER, NEOTROPIC, Andrew Bird, Black Blondie, Roma di Luna)

By the time the Sans Le Systeme album was completed, Everest was recording his second singer/songwriter disc, PARADE, as well as performing in bands Roma di Luna, Vicious Vicious, Mandrew, and in a duo with his sister Mary, as well as taking on duties as Music Director with Catalyst, resulting in the SLS album never being released.