$6 in advance/$8 at the door

8:30pm doors/9pm showtime



all boy/all girl:


In the fall of 2010 in Philadelphia, singer/ukulelist, Danielle Lovier, began playing pop songs and jazz standards at Rittenhouse Square Park. Modestly posed behind her open ukulele case, her exuberant emotional performances and unique vocal tone drew huge crowds of spectators. Upon first hearing her set, double bassist, Nicholas Rahn, approached her about accompanying her performance. It was a seemingly strange match: Danielle, a musical theatre major with a hardcore/punk background; Nicholas, an unassuming music student with an affinity for more experimental music. They gelled instantly. The duo spent the next 18 months playing together, busking around Philadelphia, as well as touring through 35 states and in Canada. 

In early 2012, they made New York their home. Feeling unfulfilled with playing top 40 cover songs and standards, Nicholas began composing new music for the group. Taking in what he had learned about pop and jazz sensibilities, paired with his love for avant-garde music, they recorded bedroom demos of orchestral leaning pop songs, with lush string arrangements and shimmering vocal harmonies. Inspired to bring fresh sounds, textures and creative minds into the fold, they assembled a 7-piece band to fully realize their new material, and all boy/all girl was officially born. 

A notable change to the newly formed group's dynamic was the addition of soprano vocalist, Jessie Rogowski. She quickly became a memorable part of all boy/all girl, contributing shimmering vocal harmonies and an undeniable chemistry with Danielle. all boy/all girl’s debut LP, Tiny Iglesia, was released in late 2013 and led to the band touring through the United States and Europe in support. At home, the band performed at venues such as The Bell House, Rough Trade, Brooklyn Bowl and Webster Hall, driven by the excitement of performing to new audiences with various genre preferences; feeling most comfortable in scenarios that would seem to be out of their comfort zone. 

On March 3rd, 2015, all boy/all girl unveiled their latest efforts, a new EP titled Trophy. Mixed by experimental rock/noise purveyors, Machines With Magnets, the new material is simultaneously spacious and intricate; both thoughtful, and forthright in its execution. Touching on themes of delusion and self worth, Trophy does not shy away from sarcasm or tongue in cheek lyricism to get its message across. Lead single “Glitters” is the most electric the band has ever sounded, Danielle’s vocals shifting from delicate purrs to possessed rasps and shrieks over tense strings and driving drum fills. It's clear that the band has entered a new place musically, one where glitter is feeling, and golden is all. 


The Sudden Lovelys:


Daniel plays guitar, sings, and kicks an old red suitcase like it was a bass drum. Paige also sings, and adds a ton of different percussion elements. Together they make a hell of a lot of noise, and then are capable of dialing way back to cover a very wide dynamic range. The music is primarily driven by the lyrics and driving energy, while connecting with the audience through storytelling. Honesty and passion shine in their live performance.